Friday, January 04, 2008

McCain is scaring me now

Things are officially scary now…

After a better-than-originally-thought showing in Iowa, Sen. John McCain (r-AZ) decided to kiss Sen. Joe Lieberman (I r – CT) ass and said that he would like Lieberman to serve in his administration, saying; “I would definitely want Joe Lieberman to play a part — particularly in national security issues — in my administration.”


It’s no surprise, considering that McCain and Lieberman have been in bed together for quite some time, whether it be their consistent push for more troops to Iraq or their ignoring of U.S. military commanders and rushing to declare victory in the Iraq war saying, respectively, “we’ve succeeded militarily” and “We are winning.”

Tossing Lieberman into the national security mix in a republican administration has been a right-wing wet-dream for quite some time, and could very well happen if we don’t make sure a Democrat wins the presidency next year.

It’s up to us.

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