Wednesday, June 13, 2007

The Wednesday ‘BushWhack’ing

  • “President” Bush is not letting his last chance at a legacy Immigration reform legislation die. The problem is that republicans don’t care and won’t listen. (Bush’s stance within his own party is getting increasingly worse and probably won’t get better anytime soon, even in regards to fundraising, something you can expect to see a post about later today. With more and more republicans shying away from the immigration bill, the chance of it passing are getting slimmer by the day)
  • Pork is alive and well and hampering the passing of a Homeland Security bill. (I’m sorry… did I miss something? Didn’t the Democrats say they were going to cut Pork and pet-projects? Did the republicans take back control or are the Dems converting? This is just sad and pathetic as this re-enforces the general public’s concepts that ALL politicians only look out for themselves…)
  • Rudy Giuliani has entered a 12-step program… sometimes they just make it so damn easy to snark them that there’s no sport in it…
  • A top U.S. general is saying that Iraq needs to expand its 348,000-strong security forces by at least 50,000 (That should be simple enough, right? He said sarcastically). The General also said that it would take at least five years before Iraq could control its airspace, which seems to suggest a significant U.S. role in Iraq for some time… (which I think everyone with a brain foresaw a very, very long time ago)
  • The Bush(whacked) Administration wants to create a new State Department Unit called CTU… sorry, I meant CCC, the Counterterrorism Communications Center. The goal of the agency would be to “counter the spread of terrorist ideology.” (Uh… yeah… this should end well…)
  • And have we mentioned? That AttorneyGate just won’t die… Justice Department documents released Tuesday night show new emails that link Karl “President” Rove’s top aides, including former White House political director Sara Taylor (who convienenttly resigned last month) and her deputy Scott Jennings, to AttorneyGate. While Congressional subpoenas have been authorized for both, they have not yet been approved, so stay tuned…

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