Friday, June 15, 2007

The Friday ‘BushWhack’ing

  • The Senate has revived the Immigration Bill as “President” Bush had pumped in an additional $4.4 Billion that would boost border surveillance. Senate Majority Leader Harry “Meh” Reid (D-NV) and Senate Minority Whip Trent “Insert own nickname here” Lott (R-MS) both promised to bring enough votes from their respective parties to AT THE LEAST get the bill back on the Senate Floor… though members of both parties said that passage of the bill is “anything but certain.” (Hard to determine who is bowing down to pressure here, Bush or Congress… but someone definitely is, and I don’t think either groups constituents are gonna be happy…)
  • The next line works best if you say it in the voice of Emperor Palpatine; ‘The escalation is now complete.’ The full contingent of new U.S. forces going to Iraq is complete as of today with 28,500 additional troops now posted in the country… (set your watches, the Bush(whacked) Administration tineline starts in… wait for it… waiting… waiting… waiting…)
  • Libby, Libby, Libby going to jail, jail, jail as a federal judge denied his motion to stay free while the case is appealed. (The pressure from conservatives is now on “President” Bush to pardon him, though I would have to think that that would make his already-low approval numbers plummet, so stay tuned…)
  • The gop is suffering an identity crisis… ‘nuff said.
  • Still waiting…
  • And have we mentioned? That AttorneyGate just won’t go away and that AG Alberto “Albatross” Gonzales’ troubles just got worse with the disclosure by top DOJ officials that they are investigating whether Gonzales sought to influence the eventual testimony of one of his former senior aides… (Noooo, I’m sure he wasn’t trying to do that at all… I’m sure it was just a friendly chat and they talked about sports… and the weather…)

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