Monday, June 18, 2007

The Monday ‘BushWhack’ing

  • WaPo says republican presidential candidate Ron Paul (R-XX) has a huge following on the internets. My first question is, who? My second question is does he have the money to go all the way? And my third question is; who? Though he seems to have higher numbers than Dem challenger Bill Richardson (D-NM) who has seen his campaign fall behind in recent weeks.
  • The conservative cries for a Scooter Libby pardon are getting louder and louder but many political insiders say a presidential commutation, a reduction or elimination of Libby’s 2½-year federal prison sentence, is a more likely possibility. (I think that whichever option Bush chooses, the American people won’t like it one bit… but seeing as how it’s Bush, why would he choose to start listening to the people now???)
  • More than four years after Baghdad fell, the UN continues to hunt for Saddam Hussein’s weapons of mass destruction while spending “millions of dollars in Iraqi oil money” Now a new report in the NY Times says that the search “appears close to an official conclusion.” (Well, at least it wasn’t a total waste as they find about a hund-, oh wait… that’s right… they found none. What else can be said about that that hasn’t already been said?)
  • It seems that “President” Bush if finally listening to political insiders and is “shedding” some of his old Texas-cronies in favor of people who actually know what they’re doing and have some experience. The question remains though… is it too late? (Yes… yes it is. Bush has about 19 months left in his term – YAY! – and I doubt that changing horses this late in the game will have a bit of difference. Though I could be wrong…)
  • The House passed a bill to fund the Department of Homeland Security last week even though “President” Bush has threatened a veto. The White House objects tp a provision that would require DHS contractors to “pay their employees at least the local prevailing wage” (well, sure… why would we want to pay people what they’re worth and what they need?). The White House is also against adding funds to hire 3,000 new border patrol agents… (Because why do that when we can create a really big fence??)
  • And have we mentioned? That the US’s efforts to arm Sunnis so they can fight al Qaeda is undermining the Iraqi government (well, duh!) and years of U.S. policy (duh again!) and is an admission that the country is in a civil war (no shit Sherlock…) according to foreign policy and military experts… and what’s even more frightening is that no one in this administration seems to see that…


Bret Moore said...

If you're still saying Ron Paul who, it's because you're guilty of willful blindness. Open your eyes, take a look around. The times, they are a'changin'.

For the better!

Kemp said...

I agree.

I know who Ron Paul is as I've watched all the debates from both parties. The 'who?' was more of a commentary on the general public's apathy about some of the lesser known candidates.