Friday, June 15, 2007

It's bad, but it could be a LOT worse

Sure, Congress’ approval ratings are starting to drop faster than Katie Couric's ratings as they currently stand at a Dubyaesque 23% (Here’s a personal note to Democrats: 23% is what capitulation will do for you. We, the voters, clearly expected you to, if not totally end this war, to at least give some timeline about ending the war. You didn’t, you kowtowed to the Administration and now the voters are pissed)

But Democratic leaders can take solace that at this time, it’s a whole helluva lot worse to be a Republican.

A new NBC/WSJ poll that has not yet been officialy released but is the same poll that gave us the paltry 19% that think the country is on the right track also gave us an approval rating for “President” Bush of 29%… which would be the lowest of his presidency for this poll. And let’s also revel in the fact that Bush’s unpopularity seems to be weighing down the gop as a whole as the gop has a popularity rating of 28%.

28%… and one factor is Bush, whose unpopularity isn’t likely to be helped by this exchange between White House reporting icon Helen Thomas and Press Secretary Tony “Job” Snow. Via Think Progress:

Thomas: Are there any members of the Bush family or this administration in this war?
Snow: Yeah, the President. The President is in the war every day.
Thomas: Come on, that isn’t my question –
Snow: Well, no, if you ask any president who is a commander in chief –
Thomas: On the frontlines...
Snow: The President.
So… not only is “President” Bush on ‘The frontlines’, at least according to Tony Snow, he’s also massively unpopular and dragging the whole party down with him.

Granted, trying to draw a conclusion from a description of poll numbers that doesn’t contain all of the available data is like getting cats to walk in a parade… but what is fairly easy to ascertain is that these numbers do not seem to bode well for the electoral hopes of the republican party. And these numbers should not be viewed as being in a vacuum, that is not supported by the preponderance of evidence but more so as one outlier poll making a conclusion. Polling earlier this year from CBS News and The New York Times showed the exact same thing -- the gop’s image has seldom, if ever, been as bad as it is right now.

But, like I said yesterday; this doesn’t mean the Dems can rest on their laurels and sit idly by… the incredibly pathetic 23% approval rating should be impetus enough to act, but just in case it isn’t, then the absolute possibility that we can get more republicans out of Congress and the White House in the next few cycles should get every Liberal Democrat off the fucking couch and looking to help in any way they can…

Democrats need to keep pounding away… they need to continue to be diligent in their efforts to out-raise the gop, present a single, united candidate who could return something not just to the White House, but the government itself…And that’s the will of the American people. And that’s something that this president, and this Congress, are not doing right now…

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