Saturday, June 02, 2007

Stayin' Alive

On the same day that saw one of “President” Bushes closest advisers, Dan Bartlett, flee the sinking ship resign, and heard an attorney for U.S. GSA chief Lurita “Cookies” Doan yesterday say her client didn’t violate the Hatch Act; Attorney General Alberto Gonzales decided to hold a quiet press conference where, according to CNN, reporters were kept away so he couldn’t be questioned.

And like a battered Energizer bunny, Attorney General Alberto Gonzales just keeps going, and going, and going… and like a bad SNL skit, this story just keeps going and going.

Yesterday the embattled, beleaguered, bewildered Gonzales vowed to remain in his post through the end of President Bush’s second term, despite a plethora of calls for his resignation and a looming no-confidence vote. Said Gonzales;

“I know that I only have 18 months left in my term as attorney general, and that really does not feel like a lot of time to accomplish all of the goals that are important to me. So often Washington seems to run at a marathon pace, but I intend to spend the next year and a half in a sprint to the finish line.”
What has become clear, especially since we seem to be treated to a press conference every week where “President” Bush comes out and gives Gonzo a vote of confidence is that Bush and Karl “President” Rove want him there… they need him there… they need him to continue to be their human shield from a full functioning Justice Department that seems to be getting tired of this administration’s actions. And because of that, Gonzales will be the AG until Bush and Rove decide they’re ready for him to go… or unless Congress decides to do something about it.

Stay tuned…

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Paul Champagne said...

POTUS does tend to be too loyal. The whole attorney-gate thing was handled badly from the get-go (much like the war).