Friday, April 28, 2006

The Weekly Rewind

It... is... Friday.

Which can only mean that it is time for The Rewind...

So sit back, relax... and enjoy:

Applaud: to the new Blogads readers survey which shows the demographics of “Democratic” bloggers. Most of them, like me, have a post-graduate degree. Their median annual income is over $80K. This is welcome news and is a direct assault on many Conservatives who believe that Liberal bloggers are high school or college students with no aspirations of any kind. The site also polled Republicans but I can’t comment on that one because my computer doesn’t go that far to the right [rimshot] Thank you, I'm here all week, try the veal... it's lonely.

Heckle: to the GAO’s lack of support for our troops: the GAO issued a report earlier this week that details how close to 900 soldiers (all of whom have fought in Afghanistan or Iraq) are being pursued by the feds for a total of $1.2 million in government debt. The issue with this is that the soldiers shouldn't owe the money. The fault is with the military's “complex, cumbersome” and, dare I say it, antiquted pay system. A pay system that screwed up every single one of the 900’s pay records.

Applaud: to Washington Post reporter Jim VandeHei for asking for a TV on Air Force One to be switched from Fox “News” to CNN. Soon-to-depart Press Secretary Scott “Nyah, nyah, I’m getting out of here before the you-know-what hits the fan” McClellan obliged him… after making fun of his request and his intelligence. And Scott wonders why the media wasn’t nice to him… to that I say ‘Karma, baby!’

Heckle: to Jack Abramoff’s lawyers. They claim that the lobbyist is “broke”, despite the fact that earlier this month, Abramoff and his family spent a week at the oceanfront Turnberry Isle Resort and Country Club in Aventura, Florida. A resort that charges a “minimum of $3,600 per adult for a nine-night Passover package.” Abramoff’s lawyers responded by saying the trip was paid for by “extended family.” Sure it was… I believe that as much as I believe that XX.

A guarded Applaud: to news that the economy rebounded in the first quarter of this year. I’m pessimistic and optimistic at the same time. I mean, how long can the economy stay ‘strong’ when gas prices continue skyrocketing so quickly? Stay tuned...

Applaud: to political farce. Just when you think things couldn’t get any more comically worse for Katherine Harris… they do. Florida Governor Jeb Bush, who’s a Republican like Harris by the way, is publicly asking Florida House Speaker Allan Bense to run against her in the GOP primary. Bense is considering it, as the filing deadline is May 12th. This woman just will not take a hint… drop out already, you’re making a mockery of the GOP in Florida (which isn’t necessarily a bad thing in my opinion), a mockery of the campaign process, and the entire country (Democrats, Republicans, Independents, Libertarians and yes! Even Communists) is laughing at you...

Heckle: to $320 billion, which would be the cost of the war after an emergency supplemental spending bill is passed next month. A ‘heckle’ within a heckle in the fact that that total is likely to more than double before the war ends.

Applaud: to Sen. Specter (R-PA) for wanting more debate on the domestic spying issue. We’ve applauded the good Senator from PA on this blog before; it’s just refreshing to see a Republican taking our rights seriously. Keep it up Senator!

Heckle: to levees that are too damn short. There is a little more than a month left until the hurricane season begins and the levees in New Orleans remain “flawed.” “Flood walls are too weak in some places; earthen levees are too short in others. Locals say the only thing that will save the low-lying region from more flooding this summer is not getting hit with a strong storm.” That must be what the local, state and federal governments are hoping for as well; them not getting hit with a storm. I’m sure that’s a feasible plan… right FEMA? Right?? Hello?? Is… is anyone there?

Yet another guarded Applaud: to the passing of an ethics bill. Yeah.. ok… sure. I’m sure it will be very effective (it’s so damn hard to express sarcasm in the written word)

Applaud: to not kowtowing to the Bush Administration. Amid a surge of anti-American sentiment in his country, Pakistan President Pervez Musharraf insisted that he is not George Bush’s poodle. “It’s not a question of being a poodle. I’m nobody’s poodle. I have enough strength of my own to lead.

Heckle: to not acting your age. Congressman John Sweeney (R-NY) went to a frat party at Union College on April 22nd. and proceeded to get drunk. Nice…what’s even better is that UC is not even in Rep. Sweeney’s district. My question then is this; what the hell was he doing there, trying to score with a co-ed??

Applaud: to Rice and Rumsfeld looking stupified and stumped by a reporter’s question regarding their ‘covert’ visit to Iraq. It seemed like days passed after a reporter asked Rice and Rumsfeld what the intense security surrounding their visit to Iraq meant in regards to the stability (or lack thereof) of the country… three years after the U.S.-led invasion. With no answer, Rice turned to Rumsfeld who then “glared at the reporter.” Well, the glare pacifies me, how about all of you?? Granted, he did snap some uninformative comment back... but does anything Rumsfeld say anymore matter??

Heckle: Iran... nuclear weapons... Bush administration... 'nuff said.

Applaud: to uninvited guests. Rice and Rumsfeld’s trip to Iraq drew a LOT of criticism from various Iraqi politicians. Why you ask? Because some of them feared the visit would do more harm than good. Kamal Saadi, a Shiite legislator, stated “We didn’t invite them. It would be more appropriate if they would leave us alone.” A senior Kurdish legislator, Mahmoud Othman, added “Let us solve our problems by ourselves.” Wonderfully put fellas... wonderfully put.

Heckle: to oil and gasoline prices. What can be said that hasn’t already been said other than “Give me a fuc**** break!”

Applaud: to news that Special Prosecuter Patrick Fitzgerald will decide within the next few weeks whether to charge DCOS Karl Rove with perjury or not.

A confused and bewildered Heckle: to what seems to be the new rage in DC this week of hiring people who have spoken ill of you or left damaging info about you someplace public. Following Jack Snow being named White House Press Secretary this week, the Pentagon has a new one as well, Eric Ruff, who in 2004, accidentally left handwritten talking points for Secretary Rumsfeld and a map to Rumsfeld’s house at a Starbucks in Washington, DC. Brilliant... absolutely brilliant...

Applaud: to the news that Rush "I'm my own best friend" Limbaugh has been arrested on prescription drug charges... well, well, well... isn't that an interesting turn of events... try not to laugh... try not to laugh...

Hmmmm???? Read THIS and let me know your thoughts as to whether it's an Applaud or a Heckle.

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