Wednesday, April 26, 2006

And down we go....

As of today, there are only 999 days left in this debacle of an administration.

Unfortunately that is still enough time for the White House to:

  • Lessen our countries respect level in the world (as if that is possible)
  • Let thousands more American troops die on foreign soil (for a policy based on lies)
  • Continue to fail to adequately protect our borders
  • Continue to expand uncontrolled spending and ballooning the national debt
  • Let the economy continue to further degrade (does the average American truly believe we are in an economic upturn?)
  • Further embarras itself with continuing indictments of high ranking staffers

999 is better than 1000 however I can't wait until the clock says 99 days, by that time most of the stuff that Bush and his cronies can screw up will be done with. Then we can watch with surprise as he pardons people like 'Scooter' Libby, Jack Abramoff and former Enron Executives ....

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