Sunday, April 23, 2006

The Weekly Rewind

Riddle me this, what is telling and insightful and costs you nothing? Quick boy wonder…to the Batmobile…, sorry, to The Weekly Rewind !!

Applaud: to the writing on the wall. Incoming White House COS Joshua Bolten told senior aides to be prepared for more personnel changes. He also urged staffers who are ‘thinking’ of leaving to inform him immediately. Essentially, leave now before we throw you out…. This will be interesting.

Applaud: to not wasting any time. Scott ’Don’t call me Ari’ McClellan submitted his resignation this week. To most people this was not a surprise as he appeared to be on a path to implosion for many weeks now. After some recent exchanges with members of the media, most notably NBC’s David Gregory, it appeared that Scott was becoming more of a liability to the President at a time when he can ill afford it. Bye Scott, we won’t miss you.

Heckle: to shuffling the deck but not taking a new card. Also this week it was announced that Karl ‘pay no attention to the man behind the curtain’ Rove would step back from his role as a policy advisor and focus on political agenda items. Yeah ok, we believe that one…..

Applaud: to the rumor mill. Word is that White House Counsel Harriet Miers and Treasury Secretary John Snow should pay heed to Josh Bolten words. Rumors have both of them on the short list. Can someone get Harriet and John boxes for their personal items?

Heckle: to someone get Rummy’s bags please. Retired Generals (including combat veterans) were joined this week in their call for Donald Rumsfeld’s resignation/firing by former Virginia Governor Mark Warner. He is one of a number of Democrats eyeing the 2008 presidential nomination, but is the first to set himself apart from the pack and speak out for Rummy’s resignation.

Applaud: to Senator Ted Kennedy (D-MA). While appearing on “The Daily Show with Jon Stewart” the senator stated that while President Bush is personally “pleasant” and “charming”, the administration has governed with the “politics of fear” ever since 9/11. He further stated that the countries greatest presidents appealed to American’s sense of hope and can-do spirit, and that “you can only play the politics of fear, I think, for too long”. Well said Senator.

Heckle: to being clueless. Polls show that Rep. Katherine Harris (R-FL) has fallen further behind in her bid to unseat Senator Bill Nelson (D-FL). A new poll this week shows only 27 percent of voters favor Harris, which is 4 percent less than 2 months ago. In response Harris stated “I’m confident that we’ll continue to only go up.” What a moron…

Heckle: to being the ‘decider’. What the hell is that? I think the message here is that the Texas education system did a miserable job on at least one student?

Heckle: to being clueless #2. During an appearance on the White House lawn by President Bush and China’s President Hu Jintao, the national anthem of China was introduced in the name of the Republic of Taiwan and a short time later the appearance was interrupted by a member of the Falun Gong religious sect who screamed at the Presidents. Embarrassing your guest by referring to his countries nemesis and letting a protestor yell at him in what should be a secure setting….you can bet a couple of people in the administration are out looking for new jobs next week.

Heckle: to playing chicken little. A copy of the police report regarding the altercation between a Capital Hill police officer and Congresswoman Cynthia “racial profiling is my middle name’ McKinney (D-GA) was released this week. The police report states that when the officer attempted to stop the congresswoman for not presenting proper id and avoiding a metal detector when entering a House building that the congresswoman “stuck the officer in the chest with a closed fist”. Rep. McKinney has apologized for the incident. However this only further labels her as an opportunist who people will have a hard time believing. Watch out for that Karma!

Applaud: to say no more..wink, wink, nudge, nudge. A Texas appeals court upheld a lower court ruling throwing out a conspiracy charge against Rep. Tom DeLay (R-TX). The court upheld the lower courts decision that the statute making conspiracy to violate election law a crime was not enacted until a year after DeLay is alleged to have violated the statute. However the wording that the appeals court used was such as to suggest that the prosecutor take a different route to the charge and move ahead on a new charge.

Heckle: to rising fuel costs. Petroleum hit an all-time high topping $75 a barrel on Friday and helped push gasoline prices over $3 a gallon in some parts of the country.

Heckle: to how much is too much? Last years record oil company profits are on track to continue this year. As Americans spend more and more at the pump, oil executives put more and more in there pockets.

Heckle: to standing on the sidelines with your thumb up your ass. In the wake of record oil company profits and continually rising fuel prices, congress and the administration are standing to the side and doing nothing to try to curtail this ever increasing problem. The president and many fellow republicans are too close to big oil to challenge this issue, and the democrats are quietly challenging but are ineffective when at a whisper. Even though congressional leaders are calling on the administration to order an investigation. It may be too little too late. Wake up Washington!! The situation is only going to get worse and then watch out for the ripple effect through the economy. We ain’t seen nothing yet!

Heckle: to- Special Interests, Cronyism, Favoritism, PAC’s, Political Lobbyists….why because they deserve to be heckled.

Heckle: to President Bush, on principles alone.

Noticing that there is not much to applaud about this week, welcome to George Bush's America....

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