Monday, April 24, 2006

Insert foot next to fist in mouth

Rep. Cynthia McKinney (D-Ga) was caught on a television station's tape bad-mouthing one of her senior staff after ending an interview with a reporter. She then tried to tell the reporter that they could only use audio that was captured while she was sitting in the chair used during the interview.

McKinney, who had a run-in with a Capitol-Hill police officer earlier this month, was asked repeated questions about the scuffle. After the interview ended with a WGCL-TV, CBS 46 reporter, a microphone McKinney was wearing picked up comments about her communications director Coz Carson.

"Oh crap now you know what. ...," said an irritated McKinney, D-Ga., "they lied to Coz and Coz is a fool."

When McKinney realized her remarks had been recorded by the microphone, she returned to face the camera and told the reporter that comments about Carson were off the record. “Anything that is captured by your audio, that is captured while I’m not seated in this chair is off the record and is not permissible to be used. Is that understood?”

Cynthia you want to see a fool?....take a look in the mirror. And yes, that sound is the country laughing at you.

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