Monday, April 17, 2006

Ever Arrogant

"I believe this decision today is not in accordance with the kind of public service that I have provided to the people of Illinois over the last 40 years"....."And needless to say, I am disappointed with the outcome."

Former Illinois Governor George Ryan speaking to the media after a jury found him guilty on 22 indictment counts against him in a 6 month long corruption trial.

Funny but it doesn't sound like a person who was wrongly convicted proclaiming his innocence. It sounds more like someone who is guilty trying to justify his wrongdoing.

Or am I just oversimplifying this to much?


Lisa said...

Its that sense of entitlement that these politians have. You know, the "I can do what I want, when I want, and there will be no consequences for me" because I am somehow better than the law.

I am also in Illinois and this whole trial was a joke. Did you see that lady that was kicked off the jury on the news last night? If not, she basically said that he wouldn't have been guilty on all counts if she still would have been on the jury. However, I don't know how trustworthy you can be if lie on a jury questionaire.

So how long before the appeal?

Kemp said...

Webb is already planning one Lisa... and you can bet he was salivating over the dismissed juror's comments in the news.