Wednesday, December 17, 2008

The Wednesday ‘BushWhack’ing

Hump day is upon us, so let’s get a-humpin…

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Oli said...

Are there really not enough things to be upset at Bush for that people still go after the WMD issue?

I grew up in Kuwait constantly wary of Anthrax being dropped on us. My parents kept a stockpile of shock-dose antibiotics just in case. When there was a scare we duct-taped our windows, stockpiled food, or fled the country if time permitted. Never mind the gas used on the Kurds--that was about as much of a fabrication as other gas and ethnic-related events in history.

Does it take an epistemology course to understand that the world--not just the American people and our administration--were sadly mistaken about WMDs? Here's your epistemological question: If person X has been mislead about the state of A and relays that information to person Y has Y been lied to by X about A?

I don't like it either, but everyone in the Middle East lived in fear of Saddam's "alleged" WMDs. This was not a Doubya/Dick/Condie fabrication any more than a Clinton/H.W./Condie/Rest of the World fabrication. It may not have warranted an attack on the country and that attack and occupation may not have not have been carried out right.

Don't confuse the matter; there are enough things to be upset and enough things that need to be changed without fabricating and misconstruing things that were never an actual problem.