Sunday, December 21, 2008

Holiday Break

We at TBWA will be taking some time off in the next 2 weeks to not only wind-down from a spectacular and at times odd political year, but to spend time with family & friends over the Christmas and New Year's Holidays.

We'll be back on January 1st with our annual Year End Rewind, a look back at the things that happened in the last 12 months.

Until then, continue reading past posts of our fine blog, and we'll be back in 2009 ready to sum up the Bush presidency while keeping tabs on an Obama Administration.

Thank you...

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The Political and Financial Markets Commentator said...


Found your blog when I was over at ther Bloggers Choice Awards votong for my blog. I would have voted for you guys but I think I am as right as you are left. In any event, keep fighting the good fight.

Mike Haltman
The Political and Financial Markets Commentator