Wednesday, December 10, 2008

The Wednesday ‘BushWhack’ing

After being sick and looking like death on a triscit, I am back…

  • Is an auto bailout nigh?
  • By now everyone knows that Illinois Governor Rod Blagojevich was arrested yesterday for, among MANY other things, trying to sell President-elect Obama’s senate seat. Being an Illinoisan all my life, I can honestly say I have never been more ashamed of my state than I am now… more so than with former Gov. George Ryan.
  • Joe the non-licensed, non-working Plumber says he was “appalled” with Sen. McCain but says that Gov. TurkeyKill is the “real deal.” And so his evolution into lemming-ness is now complete.
  • PE Obama and former Vice-President Al Gore say it’s time to deal with climate change. While it seems unlikely that Gore will have an official position within the Obama Administration, it does seem like he will be working closely with it to battle climate change. Stay tuned.
  • Secretary of State Condoleezza Rice told “CBS Today” that the US is “is very well regarded” in terms of popularity. (Um… yeah… maybe in Bush’s little world, but certainly not in reality)
  • The House Ethics Committee has voted to expand its investigation into Rep. Charlie Rangel (D-NY), which means they will also be examining Rangel’s role in preserving a tax loophole for an oil drilling company whose chief executive pledged $1 million to a City College of New York project that will bear Rangel’s name. Despite this, Rangel maintains he will not step down… maybe he and Blago can get a group rate on a jail cell?
  • And have we mentioned? That Sen. Larry “Wide-stance” Craig can NOT withdraw his guilty plea? After being arrested, and pleading guilty, for soliciting sex in a Minneapolis-St. Paul airport restroom, Craig tried to withdraw his plea saying the cop that arrested him misunderstood his ‘wide stance’ in the stall and that he had plead guilty in order to quickly resolve the issue. The Appeals court didn’t buy it (hard to imagine why he wrote as he rolled his eyes) and issued their decision yesterday. Naturally Craig is already thinking about appealing the ruling…

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