Tuesday, August 28, 2007

The Tuesday ‘BushWhack’ing

Gonzo is gone-o, who’s next to leave from the cavalcade of constitutional ignoring… stay tuned.

  • After serving a 2-week tour of duty in the reserves, Sen. Lindsey Graham is now calling for a continuation of the “surge.” (Oddly enough, no one is saying what exactly he did while serving there, other than he was dressed in fatigues and armed with a Beretta. So there you go… take it as you will)
  • News is coming out that Sen. Larry Craig (r-ID) was arrested months ago for ‘inappropriate conduct’, a charge he pleaded guilty to… but now he’s denying anything happened. (Uh, okay…) The Idaho Statesman wrote an editorial saying that “Sen. Craig owes Idahoans an explanation. […] This is a painful time made worse by the fact that Craig so far has been less than forthcoming. […] Voters now deserve the full story from their senior senator.” (Yeah, good luck getting that from a republican senator…)
  • The Washington Post is reporting that Gen. David Petraeus altered the NIE’s judgments about the violence in Iraq after he was able to review an early draft. (Wow… censoring federal documents, if it was any administration but this one I would be surprised. Since it is this one, I’m only monumentally pissed!)
  • In the end, the blind loyalty that “President” Bush had for Gonzales was not enough to keep him around, despite Bush admitting that he “grudgingly” accepted the resignation. Gonzales, as I had written many times before, was an albatross not only around the administration’s neck, but the DOJ’s as well, and it prevented Gonzales from effectively and properly doing the duties of his job. Now comes the dance of nominating a new AG… Chertoff is still the favorite while Paul Clement will act as the interim AG.
  • And have we mentioned? That Sen. Dick Durbin (D-IL) isnt waiting for the Democrats to win the White House in 2008 as he has suggested that Patrick Fitzgerald, as well as former Deputy AG James Comey, be considered as possible replacements for Gonzales. (Nice… while Durbin acknowledged Fitzgerald would be a ”long shot” for the job, I think a more apt deascription of the possibility would be “snowballs chance in Hell”… but I still like Durbin suggesting it…)

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