Wednesday, August 29, 2007

A short post on the anniversary of Katrina's landfall

It’s been two since since Hurricane Katrina tore through New Orleans and the gulf coast of Mississippi… two years, and out of the 115 “critical priority projects” that NOLA city officials identified as such… none, have been completed.

And of the $34 billion that was “earmarked for long-term rebuilding,” less than half of it has made its way to the municipal projects.

While touring the city today, Bush remarked that his administration has a “strong commitment” to rebuild the city.

Too bad he didn’t have a “strong commitment” to protecting the city 2 years ago… too bad he didn’t have a “strong commitment” to installing someone into FEMA who knew what the hell they were doing… too bad he didn’t’ have a “strong commitment” to visit the ravaged areas sooner than he originally did…

Bush’s lack of action 2 years ago and his audacity today does nothing to impede the fact that Katrina continues to stand as Bush’s largest domestic failure…

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