Monday, August 20, 2007

The Monday ‘BushWhack’ing

Yaaaaaawwwwnnn… weekend wasn’t long enough. But at least it was wet.

  • “President” Bush’s vision of ending global tyranny and installing democracy worldwide has, to be nice, stalled because his administration is in a quagmire (giggety!) of bureaucracy and, well, ineptitude. (And how does this fit into the plans of all those conservative pundits who claim his legacy will be grand??? Not well I suspect…)
  • Seeing as how the presidential race has started WAY too early, Democrats and republicans in Congress are “mounting a fierce battle” in order to manipulate the masses and garner them votes. (Get ready for politics 24/7. Once upon a time, one would have to wait until an election cycle to be inundated with political ads, but now… we don’t have that luxury and will be swamped with ads every month… get ready)
  • The media just can NOT stop fellating Karl Rove
  • A Foreign Intelligence Surveillance Court has ordered the Bush(whacked) Administration to respond to a request for orders and legal papers regarding the scope of the government’s authority to engage in the secret wiretapping of Americans. (Ok… the request was brought by the ACLU – whom I am not generally a fan of – but I am this time because I want to see how far and deep this goes… and while they’re at it, how about giving the American people an example of the eavesdropping actually working??)
  • Today is the deadline for the White House to hand over materials regarding the NSA’s eavesdropping program to the Senate Judiciary Committee. This would be the secon “deadline” as the White House received one extension of the original July 18th deadline… and don’t expect them to meet today’s either; because they won’t. In fact, White House counsel Fred Fielding has already stated that the administration will also miss today’s 2:30 deadline (And the Bush(whacked) Administrations flipping-off of the law continues…)
  • And have we mentioned? That former FEMA director Michael Brown (remember him? I thought so… it’s hard to forget a person that mismanaged the federal government’s response to Hurricane Katrina) is now consulting and “offering disaster relief” for businesses that work with the federal government? (Can’t decide whether to laugh or cry can you? That was my reaction as well…)

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