Thursday, August 02, 2007

The Thursday ‘BushWhack’ing

Here it comes, rock it like a hurricane...

  • Our thoughts and prayers go out to everyone touched by the Minnesota bridge collapse
  • Ignoring a threat by “President” Bush to veto the bill, the House approved legislation that greatly expands a federal health insurance program aimed at helping children of the working poor… (Word is Bush already has his favorite veto crayon out and it waiting…)
  • Sen. Barack Obama (D-IL) is talking tough on the campaign trail, saying that if he were elected president, he would be ready to send U.S. troops into Pakistan if it failed to act on its own against Islamic extremists… (Verrrrry interesting…)
  • Working at the Food and Drug Administration sounds like a pretty sweet gig…a former chief of regulatory affairs has collected more than $178,000 in cash bonuses in addition to her yearly $159,840 salary. Why such large bonuses? FDA officials argue that the bonuses should be close to the salaries of those employed by companies she regulates… wait, what?
  • The Bush(whacked) Administration continues to thumb its collective noses at the law as they formally directed senior adviser Karl “President” Rove to NOT cooperate with a Senate probe into AttorneyGate. This came at the same time that Attorney General Alberto “Albatross” Gonzales declined to alter his earlier testimony that was, shall we say; a bold-faced lie misleading… (And yet, they continue to get away with ignoring the laws of the land… wonderful examples they’re setting, isn’t it?)
  • And have we mentioned? That the FBI has lowered its expectations? The Bureau now says that it will not automatically reject applicants who experimented with marijuana in the past… mmmmm, federally approved munchies…