Friday, September 22, 2006

The Weekly Rewind

Tomorrow, this blog will celebrate it’s One Year Anniversary. To commemerate the event, we have a few guest posters lined up, as well as some reflective posts from Scott and I… but until then, here’s this week’s edition of The Weekly Rewind... enjoy...

Applaud: to this GREAT BIT . You really have to read the link to comprehend and get the full-effect, but to sum up; it relates certain politicians to whichever “The Simpsons” character they are… damn funny stuff.

Heckle: There was a “compromise” reached earlier this week regarding detainee policies. What exactly does the compromise mean? That “U.S. violations of international human rights law can continue as long as Mr. Bush is president, with Congress’s tacit assent.” . Further Heckles that CIA Director Michael Hayden has “praised the deal” that will, essetially, allow CIA interrogators to use techniques that most critics define as torture. Isn’t that spiffy? We can’t play by the rules, so we have to become the thing that we have always fought against… welcome to George Bush’s America…

Applaud: to forcing the Bush administration to “blink first.” I don’t really think anything more needs to be said…

Heckle: to the number 1,137. That’s the amount of laptops that the Commerce Department has lost since 2001, hundreds of which had “personal information” on them. Only one word comes to mind when I saw this; idiots.

Applaud: to telling it like it is. Read this lovely quote from Colin Powell while speaknig about his opposition to “President” Bush’s proposals for the treatment of terrorism suspects: (he says what millions of us are thinking) “If you just look at how we are perceived in the world and the kind of criticism we have taken over Guantanamo, Abu Ghraib and renditions, whether we believe it or not, people are now starting to question whether we’re following our own high standards.” Brilliantly put Mr Powell… brilliantly put.

Heckle: that only 25% of Americans approve of the job Congress is doing. (Well, it is hard to approve of a group that didn’t really do anything this year…)

Applaud: to the New Orleans Saints playing their first game at the Superdome; a little more than a year after the local, state and federal governments bungled everything before and after the hurricane. Good luck NOLA!!

Heckle: to more lip service from Commander Cuckoo-Bananas. “President” Bush said earlier this week that he would order U.S. forces to go into Pakistan to catch Osama bin Laden if he received good intelligence on his location. How the hell can anyone believe what this man says? Think about it; he hasn’t followed through on one thing that he’s promised… and now we’re supposed to believe that he would go into Pakistan? What do I say to that? Bull. Shit.

Applaud: to the fact that people are finally starting to take notice. Word came out this wek that aides of “President” Bush met many, many, many times with associates of disgraced lobbyist Jack Abramoff. (I am shocked to find out that this went on… yes, that was sarcasm)

Heckle: to all the attention being given by the media to Venezuelan President Hugo Chavez after he declared Bush was the devil. Ignore him… and he’ll go away.

Applaud:to the news that five, -count `em-, five---Chairmen of the Joint Chiefs of Staff told “President” Bush to stop being a wanker about illegal interrogation. Truth of the matter is it wasn’t only them, they were joined by dozens of other Generals, Admirals, intelligence officers and the entire JAG Corp. (Brings a smile to my face… how about yours?

Heckle: to the news rumor that former Democratic National Committee Chairman Terry McAuliffe will chair Sen. Hillary Rodham Clinton's (D-N.Y.) presidential campaign next year. (I’m conflicted on this: ‘A’- I hate McAuliffe, ‘B’- I hate McAuliffe, and ‘C’ – this almost guarantees that Clinton won’t be the Democratic nominee… which makes me happy because I just do not think she’s ready for that yet… if ever)

Applaud: to yet another blow to the Bush(Whacked) administration as a District Judge has reinstated the Clinton-era “Roadless Rule” that prohibits construction, logging and mining in a huge swath of our national forests---specifically 58½ million acres in 38 states. As Daily Kos’ Bill in Portland Maine said: “We suspect the ruling won't be appealed---the White House is so roadless in everything it does so they probably won't even notice.” (Hear! Hear!)

Heckle: to the Dumbass of the Week: Senator Saxby Chambliss (R-GA). Last week she said that the South could have won the Civil War if the Confederates had better intelligence (as we said in this past week’s Week Ahead; we assume she meant military intelligence and not intellectual intelligence) Her exact words were: “If we had better intelligence in the Civil War we’d be quoting Jefferson Davis, not Lincoln.” With those words, she’s our. Dumbass. Of. The. Week.

Applaud: to some in the GOP for urging Rep. Bob Ney (R-OH) to resign from Congress… now. So far, Ney “hasn’t taken the hint.”

Heckle: to “President” George W. Bush… just on general principles alone.

Applaud: to proving that we (as in Liberals/Democrats) are the more mature of the two parties as two of “President” Bush's harshest critics (Rep. Charles Rangel (D-NY) & Rep. Nancy Pelosi (D-CA)) leapt to his defense earlier this week after Venezuelan President Hugo Chavez called him "the devil" in a speech before the U.N. Way to take the high road there guys… nice job.

Heckle: to the news that Diebold AccuVote-TS voting machines are vunerable to… well… to just about everything. Naturally, Diebold is not taking the results of the study well… especially after CNN’s Lou Dobbs agreed that the machines suck (I’m paraphrasing. Click HERE to see Dobbs’ entire article)

Take ‘em as you will… and remember to come back tomorrow to see some special First Anniversary posts…

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Donald R Manning said...

After fifty years as a democrat I am so embarassed that we are afraid to take a stand on anything least we be called "traitor, or soft, or mushy". I long for the day when we knew we stood for, the best in American traditions and proudly proclaimed liberal values of justice, equality and liberty.