Tuesday, September 26, 2006

A Guest Post from . . .

Editors Note: As our week-long One-Year Anniversary celebration continues, we have another guest post to present. Up to now, this contributor was a lurker, dropping by this blog and the blogs of other blogmigos, but rarely leaving a comment. After seeing that we were celebrating one-year of existence, he decided to de-lurk in a grand fashion; by writing a guest post for us. An "open letter" if you will to the majority party... aka; the gop. This letter isn't so much a direct jab at the right only, but more so a direct jab to the right, left, and everything in between (but more so at the right). So sit back, relax, and read today's guest post:

Dear Majority party:

I often find myself throwing things at the television, my computer and the radio. Every time I watch, read or hear another one of your right wing Politicrat (is that a word?) espousing your right wing company line about how well the war in Iraq is going or why we NEED the government in our bedroom or why we NEED to cut taxes for the wealthiest among us while cutting funding for the poor, it makes me feel, well…. Ignored!

I don’t like this feeling and I want it to change. I want to read about good policy, not bought policy.

So here is what I propose. I would love to see the “Uniter” not divide us anymore. Let’s take politics back to the basics when we make policy decisions based on what is right for the country and not what is right for the lobbyists and their deep pocket clients. Let’s care about our citizens first and the lobbyists last. Why don’t you give equal access to the poorest among us and those without a voice. Why not start by being idealistic and caring. Just for one year. Then let’s see how this works.

Who am I, you might ask? Well, I am NOT Republican, nor a Democrat. I am part of the discarded along the roadside party and we are the fastest growing party in politics. We feel policy and politics should never be about who has the deepest pockets. A campaign contribution should never buy a meeting. Doing what is right should be your primary motivation. Because you see, caring about the people who elected you is not about left or right, it’s about right and wrong. Oh and we feel the majority party has never been more wrong and that needs to change.

Congratulations to Scott and Kemp and their BushWhacked Administration blog 1 year Anniversary.

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Sarah, Goon Squad Sarah said...

I am a discarded one too.

Great post.

Kara said...

Hey! Three's a party.

Can't stand the Dems (Howard Dean- honestly). The Republicans make me want to break stuff.

Christine said...

I'm with you all the way. Great post!