Tuesday, September 19, 2006

The Much-Belated Week Ahead

Because Blogger/Blogspot bites the big one, yesterday’s Week Ahead couldn’t be posted and was subsequently lost to the blogosphere, therefore, enjoy this abridged, and belated, version of The Week Ahead:

  • Pay attention to the people behind the curtain, as there are now 50 49 days until the mid-term elections.
  • Keeping that in mind, it seems the issue of corruption that so-man” voters had problems with earlier this year isn’t doing anything to alter the mid-term elections. That’s just great isn’t it? Not so much for the fact that the corruption bug isn’t doing anything to help the Democrats, but more so that the average person doesn’t care if the politicians representing them are dirty… pathetic… sad and pathetic…
  • Keep your eye on Senator Barack Obama (D-IL). The Des Moines Register said that the Senator’s first trip to Iowa this past weekend had “all the glow of a presidential campaign visit," though Obama is still insisting that he is solely focusing on the Democratic party in '06. Hmmm….. should be an interesting next 2-years.
  • Keep an eye on Iraq… and this statement pretty much sums it all up: “A wrong turn, a detour, an untoward stare, a pointed finger, an anonymous denunciation, a nod of the head - these can, and do, lead regularly to death.”
  • Pay attention as members of his own party are hoping that Rep. Bob Ney (R-OH) resigns from Congress ASAP. This was brought about with his guilty plea last week in connection with Jack Abramoff. So far, Ney “hasn’t taken the hint.”
  • Keep an eye on Sen. Saxby Chambliss (R-GA). Last week the schmuck said that the South could have won the Civil War if the Confederates had better intelligence (we assume she meant military intelligence and not intellectual intelligence - insert own joke here.) Her exact words were: “If we had better intelligence in the Civil War we’d be quoting Jefferson Davis, not Lincoln.” Dumbass…
  • Keep an eye on the senate race in Virginia as republican George “I Love Minorities” Allen and Democratic challenger Jim Webb debated with Tim Russert this past weekend and showed (and this should not come as a shock to anyone) that Allen is out-of-touch with many voters.
  • Pay attention to what the dummy on Cheney’s lap says, or rather… doesn’t say. “President” Bush visited the U.N. Monday to make a speech about Iran and the world. I’d like to report on what he said, but all I heard was bwah bwah bwah bwah bwah bwah bwah bwah bwah (I swear; it was like listening to an adult from the old “Peanuts” cartoons)

Unfortunately, that’s all we have… take ‘em as you will…

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