Friday, May 05, 2006

The Weekly Rewind

Due to some family emergencies, Scott is unable to post this week’s Rewind, so please welcome our Guest Poster… me.

We have a kinda-sorta off-kilter rewind this week, with more heckles than applauds with a few heckles aimed at Democrats.

Here ya go…The Weekly Rewind starts on TBWA… (bloop)… now! (sputter… choke… choke… sputter….)

Damn, that’s the last time I buy “Fanfare” from E-Bay…

Applaud: to the peace deal signed today in Darfur by all factions involved… let’s hope that the plan sticks and everyone abides by it…

Heckle: to Vice President Dick “Dead Eye” Cheney. Ok Dick, we hardly have any true allies left… why do ya gotta go and piss off the Russians??? Let’s try this strategy for you Dick; shut the hell up. Granted, I think Rossiyskaya Gazeta, the government-run newspaper, is wrong that Cheney’s comments are the birth of a new cold war, but Cheney really needs to learn to watch his mouth from time to time… don’t ya think?

Half-hearted Applaud: to Rep. Charles H. Taylor (R-NC). It’s half-hearted because, rather than doing it because it’s the right thing to do, he has agreed to “drop his effort to block federal funds for a memorial to the passengers and crew of United Airlines Flight 93” because he was “under intense pressure.” (Dick. Head.)

Heckle: to a sad state of affairs on the way Americans have to carry themselves abroad: “The official team bus to be used by the United States during the World Cup (of soccer for all you non-World Cup fans out there) in Germany will not bear a U.S. flag for security reasons. The 32 official buses were presented Thursday in Frankfurt and the other 31 buses have large national flags of the teams painted on rear sides.” Sad… just sad.

Applaud: to former CIA analyst Ray McGovern and his challenge to Defense Secretary Donald Rumsfeld lies about Iraq’s WMD program yesterday afternoon in Atlanta. First Harry Taylor… now Ray. Hmmm… is America starting to wake up? One can only hope.

Heckle: to money in the amount of $6.89 billion. Why? Because that was the first quarter profits of Royal Dutch Shell, the world’s third-largest oil company. )That much profit and we’re still paying HOW MUCH FOR GAS!!??? Am I missing something?? Give me a fuc**** break…?)

Applaud: to ever-dropping, lower than a snake’s belly, approval ratings for “President” Bush – 33%. This makes it the lowest ever recorded by an AP-Ipsos poll, with “45% of self-described conservatives saying he sucks… Nice…

Heckle: to stupidity and/or laziness... your call. Erie County, Ohio: an election on the central committee of the Erie County Democratic Party ended in a tie because the incumbent, William Crawford, has two voting age sons… who didn’t bother to vote. One of the sons lives at home, the other in a house across the street. (That’s it, you’re both out of the will!)

Applaud: to not kowtowing to the Bush Administration. The Senate defied and ignored the threat of a veto from Commander Cuckoo-Bananas yesterday and passed (handily, 77 – 21) a $109 billion emergency spending bill. Now we wait to see what happens next… in the meantime, we’ll applaud them for showing some gumption and backbone.

Heckle: to Rep. Patrick Kennedy (D-RI). What is this… a family trait?

Applaud: to the “Alcatraz of the Rockies

Heckle: to rearranging deck chairs on the Titanic… British style. British Prime Minister Tony Blair ‘shook-up’ his administration this week, axing home secretary Charles Clarke and demoting Jack Straw from Foreign Secretary to Commons Leader. This comes amid disastrous results for Blair’s Labour party after they came in third in Thursday's polls and lost about 200 seats to the Tories. (This is what happens when a leader aligns himself with Bush and doesn’t back away when the you-know-what hits the fan. Who wants odds on when Blair is gone?)

Applaud or is it a Heckle: to another exit stage left. It was announced today that Porter Goss has resigned as the Director of the CIA. What this says about the goings on in Washington is anyone’s guess… but one thing for certain, we haven’t seen the last of the heads rolling on the Beltway or beyond.

Heckle: to Rep. William Jefferson (D-NO) for “allegedly” (whatever…) taking bribes in excess of $450,000 from Kentucky businessman Vernon Jackson. Leave this to the Republicans Mr. Jefferson… it doesn’t suit you. Now, all you Dems in the House… you need to publicly call on him to resign… if not, then you will lose ALL credibility when it comes on calling for Republicans to resign amid bribery scandals, which, granted, does happen MUCH more often…

Applaud: to no more Scott “You won’t have me to kick around anymore Helen!” McClellan. He’s wrapping up his last day as Press Secretary pretty much the same way it always has been… spin, spin, and more spin with little, if any, substance. Don’t let the door hit ya on the way out there ‘mouthpiece.’

Heckle: to the French for expecting the US to hand over Zacarias Moussaoui to them so he can serve his prison sentence there. Ok, let us think ab— no! As I said on a brief post yesterday, “How do you say, ‘Go suck it’ in French?”

Applaud: to irony. This was mentioned in this week’s random post, but it’s just too good to pass up. Michael Scanlon, Jack Abramoff’s former lobbying partner (who has already pleaded guilty to conspiracy) defended his graduate thesis at Johns Hopkins University earlier this week. His thesis’ subject? The House ethics process. Priceless…

Heckle: to big mouthed Federal Reserve Chairmen. Chairman Ben Bernanke learned a harsh lesson this past week that EVERYTHING, and I mean every… little… thing…, that he says makes the news. It doesn’t matter if it’s between him and another person or him speaking to a large group… whatever he says will be heard by the public.

Applaud: to the Judge in the trial of former Illinois Governor George Ryan (R-IL). The former governor was found guilty a few and the judge has found no jury prejudice and has shut down the inquiry requested by the defense.

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Anonymous said...

I think that terrible prison in Florence. Colorado is just dreadful. Very cruel and dehumanizing. It should not exist.

Anonymous said...

I think that we need more prisons like the one in Florence. I read the article in the link and think that is just the place for idiots like Moussoui. I hope he goes more insane. Prisons are not supposed to be fun. Since when did we become concerned about the 'rights' of prisoners? People ike that SHOULD lose thier rights when hey comment these types of crimes against society and humanity.