Monday, May 22, 2006

Cold, Hard Cash

Proving once again that the left side of the aisle can sometimes be as stupid as the right. We have the case of Rep. William J. Jefferson (D-La.).

It seems that Rep. Jefferson was videotaped accepting $100,000 in $100 bills from a Northern Virginia investor who was wearing an FBI wire, according to a search warrant affidavit released yesterday.

Upon serving the search warrant a few days after accepting the money, investigators found $90,000 in cash wrapped in aluminum foil and placed inside frozen food containers in the congressmans freezer.

In a rebuttal to the allegations the congressman had this to say, "As I have previously stated, I have never, over all the years of my public service, accepted payment from anyone for the performance of any act or duty for which I have been elected."

OK, you are on videotape and audiotape accepting what I am sure was marked bills that were found days later in your freezer.

All I can say is.....yeah, sure, you just go on thinking that. That is why for the first time in history the FBI raided a congressional office (your office) over this past weekend.

ps- Randy 'Duke' Cunningham called, he said to stop copying him.


Sarah, Goon Squad Sarah said...

Wait, are you trying to say that there is corruption in the Louisiana government? I don't understand.

Scott said...

He took the cash from what he thought was a Virginia business woman.

Just shows that corruption is all around and does not hold itself to one ideology.

As much as we on the left side of the aisle want to hold ourselves up as examples, we still have to keep our eyes open and not get so cock-sure that we do not miss the 'log' in our own eyes, when pointing out the 'splinter' in our opponents.