Tuesday, May 09, 2006


Yes… you read that right… 31.

As in 31%... as in President Bush’s latest approval ratings... as in his lowest ratings ever... as in pathetic... as in funny as hell...

A new USA Today/Gallup poll (taken Friday through Sunday and surveying 1,013 adults) shows Dubya’s approval ratings have nose-dived to a new low, 31% (that’s a drop of three percentage points in a single week for those of you scoring at home… or even if you’re alone… [rimshot] Thank you I’m here all week)

Tracey Schmitt, a spokeswoman for the Republican National Committee stated, “It is a challenging political environment...” (Well, thanks for clearing that up Ms. Schmitt... great political insight there... my four year olds could have figured that out...)

Ms. Schmitt continued to blather on about how they are “confident” that, come November, the American votes would be duped aga—, I mean that voters “will recognize that a Democrat Congress would simply not be equipped to ensure either economic or national security for our nation.” (Yeah, cuz the Republicans have done such a bang-up job… and don’t mention the fact that there has not been an attack on U.S. soil, keeping us secure is bigger than that only and you know it)

And it’s not just liberals and Democrats who are disappointed in Bush. Moderates gave him an approval rating of 28% and liberals gave him 7% (I would really like to meet the 7% of liberals who give him passing marks, just because one really has to worry about their sanity)

Only 52% of conservatives and 68% of Republicans approve of the job he is doing, both being record-lows among those particular groups.

How much more evidence do people need to back-up opinions that Bush is failing as a President?

His VP is questioning his political clout, his core group of supporters are slowly oozing away from him, his various political nominees are being denounced by both parties, policy initiatives are falling by the wayside, he’s being degraded by foreign leaders, the economy is starting to tank under his ineptness, he has become the focus of jokesters around the country, and our nation is losing it’s standing in the world because no one believes what he, or anyone else in the administration, is saying.

We have two more years of this… and I can safely say that I now know how Dante Alighieri felt on his way to hell.

In case you’re interested, there have only been four other presidents in the nation’s history that have scored lower approval ratings since the Gallup Poll began in the mid-1940s: Harry Truman, Richard Nixon, Jimmy Carter and the first George Bush.

What’s even better news is that after Nixon, Carter and the elder Bush sank below 35%, they never registered above 40% again... never... never, ever...

Worst. President. Ever.

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Anonymous said...

The only question is how badly will Bush do in the midterms, one only needs to look at Tony Blair last week when he lost a grand total of 319 seats in the local council elections (kind of the equivalent of state legislature elections but with less powers) and Blair's approval ratings were not as low as Bush has currently "achieved".

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