Thursday, May 11, 2006

Let's get united

Apparently the leaders of the Democratic Party are ignoring me, and just about every other Democratic/Liberal blogger out there.

Rather than creating a united front and a united agenda, they are starting to act like Republicans by arguing amongst themselves

Stop it!!

The chairman of the Democratic Party and the leader of the D-Triple C (Democratic Congressional Campaign Committee) are not seeing eye to eye these days on how best to use the party’s funds.

DNC Chairman Howard Dean (D-VT), and many state party chairmen, believe that the party needs restructuring from the ground up while DCCC leader, Rep. Rahm Emanuel (D-IL), is leading the effort to regain the party's majority in the House this November and he feels that Dean's DNC is spending their money too freely and too early in the election cycle.

According to The Washington Post, quoting sources, this disagreement reportedly led to an angry exchange recently, that points to a long-standing tension between congressional leaders and the leaders of the party.

There’s no denying that Dean is a proven and effective fundraiser as the DNC has raised $74 million since the start of this election cycle in 2005, all the while with Dean maintaining that the party cannot strengthen itself over the long haul unless it competes everywhere… even in areas that have been heavily Republican the last few years.

That’s all fine and good… and Mr. Dean needs to keep it up on his end, as does Rep. Emmanuel… but what we don’t need is for the Democrats to start acting like a bunch of whiny kids and yell and scream to get what they want… we could listen to the Republicans if we wanted that.

Here’s a novel concept Democratic leaders; let’s all take advantage of the piss-poor approval numbers, the desctruction of our civil liberties, the ineptitude of the administration and others in the GOP and get on one page. Let’s set one universal agenda… allign one united message… get behind each other and get out there and beat the damn Republicans into submission this November and beyond.

‘Nuff said.

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