Monday, December 19, 2005

You Speak, We Listen

We at TBWA value opinions. You may not agree with ours and we may not agree with yours, but that is part of the democratic process. In the end we agree to disagree and hopefully somewhere along the way everyone learns something, including an increased level of tolerance for differing opinions.

Part of our exercise in practicing tolerance for differing opinions we present the results of our weekly poll.

Last week we asked “Do you agree or disagree with the Democrat’s plan to alter the primary process by adding more and diminishing the impact of New Hampshire?”

Here are the responses:

  • 61% - Yes, they need states with more diversity
  • 11% - Yes, New Hampshire has gotten too big of an ego
  • 11% - No, they should leave tradition alone
  • 11% - I’m a Republican so I could care less
  • 6% - No opinion

Based on your feedback, 72% of you believe that the Democrats should change the primary process if for no other reason than to diversify the opinions expressed in the primaries. While 11% of you are opposed feeling that they should leave the process alone.

Of the remaining respondents, 11% of you are Republicans, and we appreciate your honest vote, that and also that you did not vote to skew the poll results.

Now the remaining 6% of you stated that you had “No Opinion”. Ok I guess on this question we can let it slide…..but don’t get used to it. We understand that on this issue, not everyone may have an opinion, we respect that.

Ok, last week is history and we now have a new question, “Do you feel that U.S. Troops will begin coming home following the nationwide voting in Iraq?” We want to know your thoughts, please visit the top of the page and vote.

Be good, stay informed…later

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