Monday, December 05, 2005

Poll Position

It’s the beginning of a new week and that means it’s out with the old poll and in with the new…

Last week’s question was regarding Michael Brown (aka: Brownie) and his announcement that he was opening a consulting firm specializing in disaster preparedness. We asked for your thoughts and here are the results.

  • 56% - Who in their right mind would hire this schmuck?
  • 22% - No Surprise; ignoring & rewarding failure is what right-wingers do best.
  • 13% - Only in America
  • 6% - He could do well if he has Snoopy with him…oh, sorry I was thinking of Charlie Brown.
  • 3% - It’s Great! He did a brilliant job at FEMA.

So once again it appears that although sense may not be common, most of you are in agreement and were laughing and shaking your heads with the announcement, and a few of you get our sense of humor that was interjected into the response choices.

As for our own opinion, wee lets just say ‘Brownie’ would probably have better luck starting a psychic hotline with Ms. Cleo.

Hopefully the votes for “It’s Great! He did a brillian job at FEMA” were done as a tongue in cheek attempt at humor. We at TBWA have one hell of a sense of humor. Then again, if you were actually serious, once again Kemp and I are very worried about you and recommend seeking medical (specifically psychiatric) attention for the delusions.

Thanks to all of you who participated in the voting. Why not make it a habit! Take a look at this weeks poll and let us know what you think. Hey why not send us an e-mail at

As always-

Be good, stay informed...Later

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