Monday, December 12, 2005

Poll Position

It’s Monday and that means it’s time for… (Where’s some fanfare when you need it?)… a new poll.

With the unveiling of the new poll comes the recap of the previous weeks poll.

Last week’s question was “Do you agree with the 9/11 commission report that the U.S .is not 'well-prepared' for preventing another terrorism attack?”

The results were decidedly one-sided with an incredible 69% of you believing that the country is NOT well-prepared and will suffer another 9/11-type attack. Those results don’t surprise us at all.

28% of you said you are unsure if the country is well-prepared and would like to hear more about the report. Well, you can do that HERE.

While Scott and I aren’t surprised by the 69% and the 28%, we are alarmed by the other result, but we’ll get to that percentage momentarily, first Scott and I want to talk about the aforementioned option, that you disagree and think that the country is very well prepared.

3% of you believe that…

Scott and I want to know one thing… what the hell you are smoking… and where is our share?

Now, there is always the possibility that someone answered that option as a joke or as a way to skew the results… but what we’re scared about is that someone out there may actually think that the country is better prepared than we were 4 years ago. If you believe that, I strongly advise that you go out, buy a copy of the 9/11 Commission Report (or click HERE), open your mind, read it… and try to justify your reasoning.

Having spouted off about that, I now want to thank all of you that took the time to vote and urge you to vote in this week’s poll. The question this week is:

“Do you agree or disagree with the Democrat's plan to alter the primaryprocess by adding more primaries and diminishing the impact of New Hampshire?”

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