Thursday, December 01, 2005

The lemmings continue to run over the cliff...

How is it they still support him? How is it they haven’t turned his back on him?

Because they’re mindless, conservative drones who, rather than use their own minds to make decisions, act like lemmings going over a cliff... but I digress.

More than 100 supporters gathered at a suburban Houston hotel to express their support for DeLay, who stepped down as House Majority in September.

Besieged former House majority leader Tom criticized Democratic leaders and told supporters at a Monday rally to not lose faith in him as he faces charges of campaign finance violations.

‘Well, why did he step down, Kemp?’

He was indicted in a campaign finance case by a Travis County, TX grand jury, that’s why.

DeLay, along with two Republican fund-raisers, is accused of illegally funneling $190,000 in corporate donations to GOP candidates for the Texas State Legislature (It should be noted by the way that the direct use of corporate money for political purposes is illegal in Texas)

Coincidentally, all three men deny the charges.

DeLay was working the room as he stated to the supporters: “I'm very proud of my relationship with you. I'm very proud of my record. They (the Democrats) won't win by criminalizing politics or by the politics of personal destruction because we'll fight them every step of the way.” (Pot calling the kettle black isn’t it? Saying the Dems are criminalizing politics and using politics of personal destruction? I’m sorry… that approach must be above republican’s conscience, right? Wait a minute… do Republicans even have a conscience? I find that VERY hard to believe…)

As the supporters got down on their knees, ignored their consciences and kissed his ass, a group of about 15 protesters picketed the event outside the hotel.

Some of the protestors held up signs reading “Save America Without DeLay!” and “DeLay Responds to Cash Not Constituents”

While the protesting was going on outside, inside, all in attendance were praising the Devil’s cabana boy as being the best politician ever…

Glenn Goerke, a former University of Houston president who indicated he usually supports Democratic candidates (how many of you reading this actually believes that? I don’t, it’s something I could easily see a conservative say to a journalist to give the appearance that DeLay is bi-partisan and loved by liberals… but that’s just me) stated “Tom (gotta love the use of the first name… anything to make their man seem more approachable and less of a schmuck) I have always admired you because you do care. (What is this person smoking? Sure, DeLay cares… as long as you A: have money. B: are not a part of any minority group, and C: have the ethics of a two-toed tree sloth) When we needed help, we knew we'd get your help. That's the kind of leadership we want in Congress.” (Ok, then why are you supporting DeLay? I mean, if that’s what you want, then we need to get rid of Bush… and Cheney… and Rove… and DeLay… and, well you get the picture)

Supporters at the event declared their belief that DeLay will not be convicted and see this indictment as nothing more than some sort of revenge act by the Democrats for Bush winning re-election. (With each passing day, that is becoming more and more of a reality without any help from liberals or democrats…the GOP is doing it all on its own…)

During his short speech, DeLay criticized Democratic leaders by saying they have no agenda and do not want to make the country safe by fighting terrorism in Iraq. (Once again, I am not against the war… but let’s call a spade a spade and acknowledge the fact that the war in Iraq has ABSOLUTELY NOTHING TO DO WITH THE WAR ON TERROR!!!!!!!!!!! I’m okay now… just had to get that off my chest…)

DeLay continued by saying “This isn't about me. It's about this community, it's about this state, it's about this nation that we're all fighting for.”

Sure it is Tom… sure it is… whatever gets you through the night.

DeLay’s likely opponent in his 2006 re-election bid, former Democratic U.S. Rep. Nick Lampson, said that the rally on Monday was just another failed attempt to show he still has voter support.

Lampson saw it differently, saying “Tom DeLay is losing support here by the day. The crowd is booing, the hook is out and Tom DeLay is trying to shuffle his way out of trouble just like Bugs Bunny in one of those old cartoons.”

Wonderfully put Mr. Lampson, well done.

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