Wednesday, November 28, 2007

Another one?

They’re falling like flies as yet another White House adviser is resigning. This time it’s director of the National Economic Council, the White House’s top economic adviser, Allan Hubbard, who resigned today and will be replaced by deputy Keith Hennessey.

This is the latest in a plethora of White House (and gop) departures that comes as “President” Bush winds-down his tenure in office. And considering that Hubbard’s resignation comes at a very difficult time for the country and, to a lesser-extent, the Bush(whacked) Administration.

The country is facing a crisis in the mortgage industry that has not only led to an increase in housing foreclosures but has triggered jittery global stock and currency markets… add to that the skyrocketing costs of Oil (for no other reason than Marie Osmond didn’t win Dancing with the Stars last night)… the economy is swirling the toilet.

And even looking beyond Hubbard’s departure from an economic view, a post I was reading on Daily Kos brought up an excellent point: After Karl Rove decided to leave the White House, an article in the Wall Street Journal (new motto: now with more Rupert) COS Joshua Bolten told senior aides that if they stayed past Labor Day (September) they would be obliged to remain through the end of the president's term in January 2009.

Um, don’t look now Josh, but that’s not happening...

Which leads to an interesting question; does Bolton have any real control in the White House? Or is this “ship” going along without a pilot or navigator? And if that’s the case, what the hell is going to happen between now and January 20, 2009?

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