Wednesday, October 24, 2007

The Wednesday ‘BushWhack’ing

Where did Tuesday go?

  • Our thoughts and prayers are with those who are being affected by the Southern California wildfires…
  • Speaking of which, Secretary of Homeland Security Michael “Brownie Who?” Chertoff said that lessons learned after the Bush(whacked) Administration’s inept, non-existent, pathetic response to Hurricane Katrina are being used in responding to the fires in Southern California… and the less said about that the better.
  • “President” Bush wants $42 Billion more for the wars in Afghanistan and Iraq even though Congress hasn't even approved the administration’s initial request of $147 billion for the two wars… (I would like to ask the question of how he would even know he needs the $42B more when he hasn’t even gotten the initial request, but then I might get an answer, and my Doctor told me to cut down on rhetoric this week…)
  • This could be filed in the ‘No Surprise to Me’ file; the White House edited congressional testimony given by the director of the CDC on the impact of climate change on health, going as far as removing specific scientific references to potential health risks. (I’m sure this is the first time they’ve ever done anything like that… he wrote, laughing himself into convulsions. How could this possibly surprise anyone, it’s the Bush(whacked) Administration and we’ve seen evidence of this before. And we’ll probably see it again before Bush leaves office…)
  • What’s happening on the campaign trail this week? Pretty much the usual; pandering, spinning and sliming from BOTH sides…
  • And have we mentioned? That Fox “News” is insinuating that al Qaeda is behind the California wildfires? It’s true, on “Fox and Friends” this morning, the hosts pointed to a 2003 FBI memo that raised the possibility that al Qaeda may try to set wildfires around the western United States (the memo mentioned Colorado, Montana, Utah, & Wyoming btw). They also spoke of men in a “hovering helicopter” seeing “a guy starting one of these fires.” (Now, I’m not naïve enough to not think that terrorists could very well carry out acts of terrorism in this manner. My snark is more reserved for Fox “News”. Where is the proof? Where is the evidence to support the possibility? Give more than “hovering helicopter” men and all…)


Jenn of the Jungle said...

I take extreme unbrage to your whole Chertoff comment. It's childish and useless.

We here in San Diego are very proud in the extreme in the response by our local and state government officials. WHO ARE RESPONSIBLE for natural disasters. WE did not need the federal government to hold our hands. As it should be.

Poor, old, has not mattered, everyone, EVERYONE has been helping each other. No one is standing about holding their hands out for the federal governemnt to come and babysit, AS IT SHOULD BE.

Hell even our pets are sound and in foster care or at the stadium where the "evil" Walmart has donated hundreds of thousands of dollars woth of food, cages, leashes, beds and water bowls.

Doctors, nurses, vet techs all came out to help. We have almost half a million evacuees...and yet we stay strong.

People are going to stores and buying their OWN water, parking lots in malls and Q, schools, gyms are all being used. Within hours people were situated and being helped.

No, try to spin it how you want, but Katrina was a product of Democrat waste and corruption. Kathleen Blanco and Ray "chocolate city" Nagin did nothing. The people themselves, did nothing. I'll never forget watching the horror unfold and person after person sit there saying in NO UNCERTAIN TERMS that they CHOSE to stay in their homes.

It's all about personal responsibility. Period.

Thanks Duncan Hunter, Darryl Issa, Brian Bilray. Mayor Jerry Sanders, Supervisor Ron Roberts, you guys ROCK. Arnie as well, Arnie made some evacuee's day by being among them, holding hands, helping pass out food. High fiving kids.

Yes. San Diego is proud today.

Kemp said...

Um, what Chertoff comment exactly? Mentioning that he vowed to use the mistakes from Katrina to help in CA? Because he did, if you found snark in the comment; you supplied it yourself.

The State and Local governments are and should be the primary responder. But FEMA is in place for a reason, and despite what your conservative mind may think, they screwed up the Katrina response... as did Blanco... as did Nagin.

So instead of attacking me for doing nothing but mentioning what Chertoff said, go back to your site and do what you do there; seemingly attacking veterans who speak out against the Iraq war.

And in a comment where you claim it's "personal responsibility", you certainly thank a lot of OTHERS in the GOVERNMENT, for help...