Friday, October 12, 2007

Another one bites the dust

I was going to write a post about the gop’s smear-campaign aimed at a 12-year old boy… but instead I will let John Cole, a republican… after this disgusting display he’s now a former republican… give his opinion;

“If you look through this family’s dossier, it appears they are doing everything Republicans say they should be doing- hell, their story is almost what you would consider a checklist for good, red-blooded American Republican voters: they own their own business, they pay their taxes, they are still in a committed relationship and are raising their kids, they eschewed public education and are doing what they have to do to get them into Private schools, they are part of the American dream of home ownership that Republicans have been pointing to in the past two administrations as proof of the health of the economy, and so on.

In short, they are a white, lower-middle-class, committed family, who is doing EVERYTHING the GOP Kultur Kops would have you believe people should be doing. They aren’t gay. They aren’t divorced. They didn’t abort their children. They aren’t drug addicts or welfare queens. They are property owners, entrepeneurs, taxpayers, and hard-working Americans. I bet nine times out of ten in past elections, if you handed this resume to a pollster, they would think you were discussing the prototypical Republican voter. Hell, the only thing missing from this equation is membership to a church and an irrational fear of Muslims and you HAVE the prototypical Bush voter [...]

I simply can not believe this is what the Republican party has become. I just can’t. It just makes me sick to think all those years of supporting this party, and this is what it has become. Even if you don’t like the S-Chip expansion, it is hard to deny what Republicans are- a bunch of bitter, nasty, petty, snarling, sneering, vicious thugs, peering through people’s windows so they can make fun of their misfortune.

I’m registering Independent tomorrow.”

A poster at consertive website Free Republic spun information about the family which allowed him to claim that the boy was actually a rich kid who was being pampered by the government and that the boy and his sister attend wealthy schools that cost "nearly $40,000 per year for tuition" and live in a well-off home.

The only problem is that none of that is true. Rather than spin information to use as ammo, ThinkProgress did the unthinkable and did some investigative journalism and found that the boy has a scholarship to the private school, Yes, it costs $15K a year, but the family only pays $500 a year.

The boy’s sister attends another private school to help her with the brain injuries that occurred due to her accident. This school costs $23,000 a year, but the state pays the entire cost.

Their “lavish house” was purchased sixteen years ago for $55,000.

Last year the family made $45,000 combined and have never earned more than $50,000, combined, a year…

The conservative pundits (Limbaugh, Malkin, etc) are so fucking desperate to defend Bush’s decision to cut SCHIP, that they are now launching baseless and uninformed attacks against a 12 year old child and his family.

The gop is neither passionate or family friendly… they’re a group of feckless thugs who WILL get theirs in the end via a little thing called Karma, baby!

Count on it…

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