Wednesday, October 03, 2007

The Wednesday ‘BushWhack’ing

I’ll be out the rest of the week, so enjoy a hump-day, might-as-well-be-Friday edition of TDBW...

  • Sen. Hillary Clinton (D-NY) has opened up a surmountable lead not only in fundraising, but in the polls as well. She now has a 33% lead over Sen. Barack Obama (D-IL), her nearest competitor. (At one time I thought she was unelectable… now I’m not so sure. Stay tuned as this presidential race should be a good one…)
  • While Ms. Clinton is enjoying a huge lead and seems to be the Democratic frontrunner, the gop’s poll leader is anything but. Former NYC Mayor Rudy “Buy me for $9.11” Giuliani leads all gop candidates, but the lead is unsettled to say the least as Fred Thompson has almost doubled his support since his official official announcement. (Like the Dems, stay tuned as this race should be interesting as well… but for vastly different reasons. Like who will drop out and/or snap first. My guess is on McCain…)
  • In a show of bipartisanship that hasn’t been seen in a long, long while, the House voted yesterday, 377-46, on a bill that gives the Bush(whacked) Administration 2 months to give Congress its plan to withdrawal our forces from Iraq. (This is all fine and good, but we all know that Bush doesn’t care what anyone else wants. Only himself… expect this to be ignored/attacked/criticized by the White House very. Very soon…)
  • “President” Bush vetoed SCHIP… despite a majority of Americans supporting it… a majority of Democrats supporting it… and more than a few republicans supporting it. Once again, as mentioned above, Bush ignored the people and did what he pleased… the man is a tool.
  • And have we mentioned? That Former Bush(whacked) Administration lawyer Jack Goldsmith is speaking out? Yesterday he said that the administration’s surveillance program was “the biggest legal mess I had ever encountered.. […] [T]he White House so tightly restricted access to the National Security Agency’s program that even the attorney general and the NSA’s general counsel were partly in the dark.” (What else can be said that hasn’t already been said?)

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