Monday, October 01, 2007

The Monday ‘BushWhack’ing

Blue Monday… and by ‘blue’ I mean depressing, not raunchy…

  • Having solved the Iraq quagmire, the House and Senate are preparing to shift their focus towards a more domestic agenda… (Solved what now?)
  • Apparently it’s news to the Washington Post that fundraising is a major player in the presidential race… the article goes on to say, well, nothing really…
  • For the fifth time since 2001 (coincides nicely with Bush coming to power, doesn’t it?), Congress is increasing the debt limit by $850 billion to $9.815 trillion. (And once again the effects of the Presidency of Mediocrity ® shows its ugly head…)
  • The trial for former defense contractor Brent Wilkes starts today. Wilkes is accused of channeling over $700,000 to disgraced ex-Congressman Duke Cunningham “in the form of both cash and perks ranging from a Sea-Doo jet boat to the services of two prostitutes at a high-end Hawaiian resort.” (The question now is; will Wilkes take anyone else down?)
  • And have we mentioned? That the bill drafted by Rep. Duncan Hunter (r-CA) aimed at cutting off all federal funds to Columbia University now has a name? Because the school invited Iranian President Ahmadinejad to speak, Hunter (a true American… yes, that was sarcasm) doesn’t want the school to receive any federal money. And the name, after a nationwide search, is ‘Restore Patriotism to University Campuses Act’… (Doesn’t quite roll off the tongue though, he should have named it something like the “Trying to Make My presidential Campaign More Revelant Act”…)

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