Sunday, January 29, 2006

The Weekly Rewind

It’s Back! It took a vacation, got lot‘s of rest, and now it’s back and ready to go. What is it? Surely you jest, you didn’t forget did you? You know you can’t live without it. So without any further delay……. LET”S GET READY TO REWIIIIIIIND !…. (Thanks Michael Buffer)

That’s right it’s The Weekly Rewind. Volume 2, Number 1.……Here we go.

Heckle: To President Bush, it’s been a few weeks, but remember just on general principals alone.

Heckle: To Medicare Part D, aka: the prescription shell game. It is now the end of January, the first month of the new, highly touted Medicare prescription drug plans (yes PLANS as there are over 500 different ones around the country). In this first month many pharmacies have been fronting the cost of seniors prescriptions as the coverage information has not been available from the Medicare system to tell the pharmacies which plan someone may be covered under. Once again, why didn’t the administration come out and tell everyone that part D coverage would be automatic when you get part B, raise the monthly premium to cover the plan and cover prescriptions like any other medical plan? Because they left it up to the pharmaceutical industry and the insurance carriers to develop plans that would give the appearance of being a drug plan to benefit all but in reality would make profits for the industries and also confuse the public.

Heckle: The Alito confirmation process. In a vote down party lines, the SCOTUS nomination of judge Samuel J. Alito was forwarded to the Senate where he is expected to win confirmation by enough votes to avoid a filibuster. If you think that the administration is running over civil rights now, just wait. Once he is confirmed and on the SC watch the clock start to turn back. Also watch how quickly the administration will want to bring issues before the court. (Like going to a casino and playing the slot machine that has been rigged to pay out every time….)

Applaud: to some Senate democrats for finally ‘growing a pair’ and declaring their intent to vote against the Alito confirmation. You better get moving guys as time is running out....tick, tick,tick...that is the sound of our individual freedoms slowly ticking away on the conservative clock.

Heckle: to those same democrats for taking so long to get with the plan and voice opposition.

Heckle: to Senator and former Presidential candidate John Kerry. (What you guys are heckling a named liberal?…you bet your ass we are..) Kerry decided to fly back from Europe where he was attending World Economic Forum in Switzerland saying that he wanted to work to stop the approval of Alito. Hey John, you’re a little, no wait, a lot late.

Heckle: to White House Press Secretary Scott (Scooter) McClellan. After Ford Motor Company announced that it will be eliminating up to 30,000 jobs and close a number of U.S. plants, Scooter responded to a reporters question by stating the “overall economy is going strong”. What’s next there Scooter? How about telling us that we have a ‘chocolate’ economy or maybe a mocha-latte economy. It’s an interesting juxtaposition when you can say the we have a strong economy that is putting people on unemployment.

Applaud: to Republican Senators (once again ,you bet your ass we are applauding a couple of conservatives) John McCain (Az) and Tom Coburn (Ok) for announcing to their Senate brethren that in the wake of the continuing scandals involving lobbyists, they will challenge special ‘pet projects’ that are placed into spending bills until the practice is stopped. We at TBWA applaud the stance that the two of you are taking.

Heckle: To Canada. After almost two decades of liberalist party rule the conservatives have taken over the majority in the parliament and will also hold the prime ministers office. The U.S. sees this as improving relations between the US and Canada. (Conservative birds of a feather fly together) Hopefully the party doesn’t do to the Canadian economy, what their ‘cousins’ have done to the US economy.

Heckle: The White House and Clueless George are still defending the “Wiretapping of America’ as legal. They go even further in stating that if the Congress tries to pass legislation legalizing/authorizing the warrantless wiretaps that it will actually help the enemy. (Kind of like the old ‘If I told ya, I’d have to kill ya…) and the best part is that the Pres stated that the program is actually designed to “protect civil liberties”. Typical, the administration could care less about civil liberties until they can utter the phrase in there own defense.

So, there you have it. Noticing that the teeter-totter on the political playground is stuck to the ground on the ‘heckle’ side. Welcome to the scary realization that we are living in an Orwellian society also known as George W. Bush’s America.


Anonymous said...

The Medicare plan reminds me of the 20,000 page and growing tax code the IRS has given us. What else would one expect from Uncle Sam.

Canada’s per capita after tax income has fallen in comparison to the states 22.3% the last 17 years. So much for “free” healthcare.

Brian T said...

Heckle: Democrats who criticize the Medicare and other Bush Administration plans yet have no plan of their own. Much like Jesters

Heckle: People who subscribe to conspiracy theory allegations that Alito and the Bush Administration will overrun current civil rights without warrented evidence. Nice analogy comparing rigged slot machines and the Republican party winning everytime. The Dems are so busy trying to be the devil's advocates they don't accomplish anything constructive.

Applaud Thank you for criticizing Dems and Reps alike. I criticize Bush for never using his veto power for pork barrel spending.

Heckle: Selfish fear-mongers who would rather protect the civil rights of terrorists than save the lives of 3,000 9/11 victims that may have been saved via wire-taps. Libs' rediculous laws could have prevented 9/11: Ever hear of Able Danger during the Clinton Administration?. That's a situation where CIA had evidence regarding the 9/11 attacks but Military lawyers blocked the messages being delivered to the FBI for further investigation because it would have violated civil liberties. What's so civil about terrorists' liberties?

Finally, If your site is going to spread allegations of Bush breaking the "law" with wire taps, please list exactly which laws you're referring to. If Bush broke the law then fine. He should be punished. But I have yet to hear concrete information that would make me think he even broke the law at all. I keep hearing that he "maybe" broke the law. It's kind of like saying that he was driving 65 MPH but if he had been in a 25 MPH road, he would have broken the law. However we're not sure the speed limit of the road he was actually on at the time but we're going to stop his momentum and pull him over anyway.