Monday, January 30, 2006

Poll Position

If you haven’t noticed lately, we have been keeping the poll question up for 2 weeks rather than 1 in order to get a better snapshot of what you, the readers, are thinking… and it’s working as we are getting more votes and thus (hopefully) generating some thought about things going on in the wide, wide world of politics.

The last poll asked the question: “Do you think Senator Specter too easily dismissed the CAP allegations against SCOTUS nominee Samuel Alito?”

The results have been tabulated (the Supreme Court tried to interfere but were beaten back with a stick) and here they are:

  • A whopping 73% of respondents thought “Yes” that Senator Specter (R-PA) dismissed the CAP allegations against SCOTUS nominee Samuel Alito too quickly.
  • A healthy 24% believe “No” and that his involvement was not that big of a deal. To that, that is your opinion and we respect you for it.
  • And 3% of voters said they didn’t pay attention to the hearings and don’t care. I only have one word for that: pathetic. You don’t have to necessarily watch the hearings, but you should at least pay attention to what is going on. Why? Because this process, nomination, debate and decision will have a direct impact on us as a society for years and years to come… ya schmuck.
But I digress…

Scott and I would like to thank all of you who took the time to vote in the poll, and ask you to partake in the next poll.

The new poll question is:

“Does “President” Bush have the constitutional power to approve wiretaps and spying without a court order?”

Take a gander above, vote, and let us know your opinion on the important issues.

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