Monday, January 02, 2006

Poll Position

In the spirit of fairness and compassion for our fellow man, we decided to leave the poll from 2 weeks ago up an extra week.

Why? To make sure that everyone had the opportunity to have their voices heard… that and Scott forgot to change it. (Why am I blaming Scott? Seeing as this is a new year, I am trying to act more like a Republican and deflect the blame to others when I make mistakes… heh heh heh…)

Seriously though. The new poll has been posted above (“Will 2006 be a better year for “President” Bush and the United States?”) and I have the distinguishable honor of recapping the previous poll.

We last asked: “Do you feel that U.S. Troops will begin coming home following the nationwide voting in Iraq?”

The results are in; the hanging chads have been dispensed with (gotta love a blog that can use a ‘hanging chad’ reference 6 years after the word came into vogue…), and the votes manipu— … I mean counted.

  • 53% of you are of the more jaded variety (like myself ) and won’t believe our troops are on their way home until you see it with your own eyes.
  • 37% of respondents believe that the U.S. is stuck there for the foreseeable future and will be given another 'milestone' event that we’ll have to stay for before the troops start coming home.
  • And a trifling 10% believe that since the elections have happened, a new Iraqi government can be established, will take over control of Iraq and our troops will soon be home.

All in all, the results are not surprising. National polls that asked the same, or similar, question have gotten the same type and percentage of responses.

I am fairly positive that the 10% of you that believe our troops will be coming home soon truly believe that and didn’t answer with that option in order to skew the results or praise the current administration.

I just hope the other 90% are wrong and the return home will be sooner, rather than later.

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