Saturday, October 29, 2005

'Scooter'ing off to prison?

Vice-President Dick Cheney's Chief of Staff, I. Lewis "Scooter" Libby (I'm sorry... was that G. Gordon Liddy? No... my mistake) was indicted (you can read the actual indictment here in a PDF file from the DOJ) Friday on five (yes, you read that right... five) counts:

  • 2 counts of perjury - on March 5 & March 24, 2004
  • 1 count of obstruction of justice - in the spring of 2003
  • 2 counts of making false statements - October 14 & September 27, 2003

(Told ya; 2 + 1 + 2 = 5. I guess that Master’s degree is finally paying off)

Oh yeah, and he gave his resignation to Puppet-in-Chief (for those of you who do not read this site enough: {read it more darn you}, that's our little 'pet' name for "President" Bush) and the Puppet-in-Chief's Puppeteer (you know; Cheney).

Some of you are asking; 'Kemp, what do these charges mean?'

Well, let me tell you.

The long and short of it is that 'Scooter' Libby endangered national security. (Confidential shout-out to Libby: if you go to jail, I'd lose the Scooter nickname... but that's just me)

The investigation will continue, but it will continue with a brand-spanking new grand jury as the term of the current grand jury ended on Friday and can not be extended.

Why would Fitzgerald be convening a new grand jury to continue the investigation?

Who does he have in the crosshairs?

Well, Karl Rove is a safe bet, but we'll get to that in a minute.

The question on the public's mind now is who is this "Official" (or Mr. X as we'll call them now) that the indictment touches on? It never mentions a name, only 'official.'

Is it Cheney? Rove? Bush?

Inquiring minds want to know.

Seems that that perpetually slippery ‘bastage’ Karl Rove will escape indictment... for today at least. But he is remaining under investigation. In fact, Special Prosecutor Patrick Fitzgerald has told Rove's attorney that he still has not decided whether or not to charge Rove.

The long and short of it (how many times can I use that tired cliché in one entry? Let's find out) is that it appears ''Scooter” will be the sacrificial lamb after two years of this criminal investigation.

Is Scooter really the mastermind behind this sordid plot?

Possibly... and by possibly I mean; Scooter could be the mastermind, but I sincerely doubt that he is (and most others agree with me). Odds are he is taking the fall for bigger fish... bigger fish like Cheney, or maybe even Bush, or a combination of the two or maybe even other high ranking officials.

Now, the question on everyone's lips is to what extent we are coming up on a Great Repudiation, even though we may already be in it.

Getting back to Rove. Whether or not he is ever charged with anything is less important than simply finding out the truth about what happened in the White House to lead multiple senior officials, Rove and Libby apparently foremost among them, on a press binge that "outed" an agent to some journalists.

With the indictment of Libby today and the announcement of a new Grand Jury being formed, we're a tad closer to knowing what happened today; in that we now know that Libby was one of those figures and that he lied about it to investigators and to the grand jury. ('No, no Scooter. Bad boy.')

When hearing and reading about all of this, why does my mind immediately flash back to Watergate? I mean, what's the difference between Watergate and this?

Besides the fact we comprehend the magnitude of Watergate as a precedent now...


The Godfather said...

Where do you get your information from? I have a feeling I know where. The problem here is that there will always be people like you, the ANTI EVERYTHING GROUP, pissed off about everything, complain about everything yet you and others like you claim to know everything. The problem is you only know what you READ AND WHAT YOU READ IS NOT ALWAYS TRUE. I know a lot more about this current war than you liberals, I am, and have fought this war, desert storm, operation determined resolve, desert fox to name a few. Not to brag but, I know FROM EXPERIENCE AND THROUGH CONTACT WITH HIGHER PEOPLE THAN YOURSELF what is going on over there. I have been all around the world learning first hand from different cultures their political and social views not by reading books and watching the news and believe me you would be amazed at what I have found. I am in the military and I know more than I am allowed to talk about. But liberals want immediate answers to several questions. One example is WMD. You, don't know anything except from what YOU hear from THE MEDIA. THE MEDIA? If you knew even a portion of what a lot of the people that REALLY know what's going on, YOU would understand. Unfortunately YOU and others like you will continue to speculate on issues that you have no FACTUAL FOUNDATION. CNN, FOX and the liberal or right wing MEDIA know only what they know and it ain't much. By reading your blog and what you write I can tell you this, you are an ill informed educated (by teachings and books alone, no experience) individual and nothing more. You have no experience in this matter at all, you never fought in a war, you don't have access to certain types of information, you know only what you read in either school, the media or wherever else you get your information. You can't win the argument so try as you may you KNOW NOT A DAMN THING! Check mate, go back to your reading and drink your latte while we protect your freedom.

Kemp said...

I'm not pissed about everything or Anti-everything and to lump all liberals into one group is not only uneducated, but very narrow-minded. I am not liberal on all issues, I, unlike some conservatives, think things through before I make a decision... I don't 'follow the herd', as it were.

I have knowledge about the current war from someone in high position to, so you don't have all-inclusive rights to that.

And, you are NOT the only person to travel the world. I have also, and I have friends and relatives in Europe, Asia, UK and South America, so, once again, you are attacking us without all the information. I don't just know what I know from the media. I talk to people as well.

I am not going to continue, because, by judging your writing, you only seem to have one thought-process: conservatism.

And I'm not exactly sure why you are speaking of protecting your freedom when nothing about that was mentioned in this column... maybe YOU should get your facts straight before you comment on something.