Saturday, October 22, 2005

Can we discuss facts for a change?

The Presidency and Roe Vs Wade
The Vice-Presidency and Roe vs. Wade
The Supreme Court and Roe vs. Wade
Congress and Roe vs. Wade

What’s next….. Director of Streets and Sanitation and Roe vs. Wade?

An article dated October 18th in U.S. News and World Report discussed rumors that in the wake of the CIA spy-link investigation the Vice President might step aside and the President would then elevate Condoleeza Rice to the position of Vice President.

Now, the premise of a high ranking administration official stepping aside and being replaced by another high ranking or high profile administration official in order to divert attention from very real unseemly issues is nothing new to this Presidency. However one quote that jumped out at me from the article was the following: “Isn't she pro-choice?" asked a key Senate Republican aide.”

Isn’t she pro-choice??? What kind of statement is that??

Now maybe I missed something somewhere, but since when did the issue of Roe V Wade become the basis for questioning or supporting every political appointment no matter what the office or position?

What happened to the candidates educational background, work experience or even the thoughts and opinions of co-workers and personal references?

If the subject of pro-life / pro-choice has so permeated and grabbed hold of the parties that it has become the main issue above all else, then by all means we should have nothing but women serving in both houses of Congress, as the only members of the Supreme Court and occupying the White House.

Are the republicans so afraid of losing debates based on the facts that they purposely bring the Roe V Wade question into each and every topic and issue so as to infuse each with a hot button/litmus test?

Hey, I have a novel idea, let's take Roe out of every single issue that comes before the congress and american public and stick to the facts. ....I can dream can't I....
(Now even though I am pro-choice, I am not insensitive to the truly honest heart felt 'personal', (NOT uneducated, narrow ieadologic) feelings of those on each side of the issue however, Roe WAS previously decided IN court and has now been a long standing LAW....)

But what would happen to the conservatives if Roe V Wade was to never be discussed again? What's next? I can see a group of conservative think tank members tossing around ideas..... "oh we have a cosmetic surgery epidemic we need a pro-lift / pro-sag debate to deflect from the real issues at hand......."

or am I simplifying this too much.....

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