Friday, October 07, 2005

Political Contemplation of the Day

"Three years ago today, President George W. Bush said in a speech that 'only the removal of Saddam Hussein from power would end the U.S. confrontation with Iraq'.

How ironic that, today, only the removal of George W. Bush from power will end the U.S. confrontation with Iraq."

- The Daily KOS (


Anonymous said...

Presodent Bush has made the world safer by invading 2 are the cowowards

Kemp said...

First of all, buy a spelling book and learn how to spell!

Second of all, we didn't call anyone a coward.

Thirdly, prove to me that he made the world safer.

Scott said...

Was Iraq a threat to its neighbors in the middle east, yes. Was Iraq a world power level threat, probably not.

And before you go invoking the terrorist attacks of 9/11 (which were attrocious and demanded a retaliation aginst the 'perpetrators') just remember that most of the 9/11 participants were Saudi Arabian.

And as my esteemed colleague said, prove to me that he made the world safer.

Before you answer, remember that the War on Terror and the War in Iraq are two different things !

PJ Burke said...

You mean, with most of our National Guard troops deployed to Iraq and Afghanistan -- many of whom are our policemen, firefighters, EMT's, etc -- America is not safer? Why, whatever could you mean?

[sarcasm mode off]

LoudMouthBitch said...

I agree with Kemp and Scott. Bush has too many good people around him to be this bad.