Monday, October 24, 2005

Monday = New Poll

Good Monday lucky pollsters!

Scott and I promised you a weekly poll, and since it's Monday it's time not only for a new poll, but to give you the results of last weeks poll.You can find this week’s poll question at the bottom of this page. Please take a moment to vote and let us know your thoughts. (Yes, we really do want to know. Remember what I always say…practice tolerance for those that disagree with you)

As for last weeks poll, we asked what you thought of the recent indictment of Tom “Smile-for-the-birdie” Delay

Last weeks results:

  • It’s about time… 70.6%
  • It’s all politically motivated… 17.6%
  • What indictment… 11.8%
  • Need more info… 0%

So, it’s clear that most of our readers think it is about time that Delay was indicted.

Last week the man behind the smile (see the pic below) got booked (fingerprinted, mug shot, etc) and went on the defensive, dispatching his spin doctors to every part of the country (and especially in his home state of Texas) to get his message out that this is all politically motivated (a small percentage of you believe that is indeed the case) and he is innocent.

We’ll see…

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