Wednesday, November 01, 2006

Random Political Thoughts for a Wednesday Afternoon

Seeing as how we missed this week's Week Ahead (where has this year gone??), here's this weeks handy-dandy Random post, enjoy... or not...

Back to the table. It what should be a positive sign, Kim Jonh Il made the decision that North Korea will return to six-nation nuclear disarmament talks. Granted, it’s almost a certainty that nothing new will arise, unless, as former State Department official David Straub says, both the U.S. and North Korea “bring significantly different approaches to the talks.” (Actual progress or an attempt by the Bush Administration to attempt one final success before next week’s mid-terms? Whatever the reason for it happening, it has to be viewed as a good thing…)

The Numbers Know. According to a new Wall Street Journal poll, 63% of Americans disapprove of President Bush’s handling of the Iraq war. (About time people started to come around…)

A 29-Year Old Virgin? Seeing every other program of theirs get ignored or dropped, the Bush administration is “targeting unmarried adults up to age 29” as part of their abstinence-only program… (What? The administration can screw the people, but the people can’t screw other people? That hardly seems fair… And really, if people are busy screwing each other, then who would be left for the administration to screw?)

Sad. In case you hadn’t noticed, and judging my the media’s incredible lack of covering this story you probably haven’t, the U.S. military suffered it’s fourth deadliest month in Iraq last month (October) that saw more than 100 serivcemembers killed.

Attack of the Allen. Liberal blogger Mike Stark was physically accosted yesterday at a campaign event by staffers of Sen. George Allen (R-VA). Now comes word that Virginia police are investigating the incident and are trying to determine the names of the perpetrators and… wait; sniff, sniff… ya smell that?? It smells like… desperation…

The Blame Game. A leading proponent of the Iraq war, and a conservative to boot, says that the Bush administration is “dysfunctional” (that’s putting it mildly). While Richard Perle doesn’t think Bush is to blame (then who… exactlly??), he does say that if the administration can’t create a program to find nuclear material on its way to the US, then it has to be replaced by “an administration that can.” (Ignoring the fact that he says Bush isn’t to blame, Perle is dead-on…)

Uh, okay. CNN is reporting that “President” Bush will be out on the campaign trail this week to rally the GOP base in five states… my question is this: Really????

Katherine Harris Update. Still delusional by thinking she’s going to win, but it’s now official that she has, what I would call, run the worst campaign in U.S. history. She has won no endorsements from any paper in Florida, which means that her opponent, Bill Nelson, swept every editorial endorsement in the state. Every. Single. One. (I’d offer my thoughts on this, but how can you add to something that already is drowning in snark?) BTW, the two of them have a debate tonight… should be entertaining..

Shameless Op-Ed Plug of the Week Lou Dobbs has been on fire recently, and he’s not letting up. This week he says that middle-class America will be “getting the bird” no matter who wins control of Congress next week… (If you actually read the article, you definitely get a sense that he thinks the middle-class would get screwed harder if republicans maintain control… and he’s right.)

Whew. Rather then announce a verdict before the mid-terms, it seems that the verdict for Saddam Hussein might be delayed until after next week’s elections. If you listen closely, you can hear Dems all over the county utter a collective; ‘Whew!’

Not a surprise. apparently, when you cast a vote for a Democrat in Florida, the voting machine changes your vote to Republican. When asked about this, the election “official” stated “This is not uncommon.” (Anyone who was around for the 2000 election isn’t surprised by this… how else would you explain a Bush victory?)

All I have, take ‘em as you will…

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