Tuesday, November 14, 2006

The Democrats 2007 Senate Ledership Team

Ladies and Gentlemen... from the office of newly-elected Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid (D-NV), put your hands together for your 2007 Democratic Majority Senate Leadership Team...

  • As President Pro Temp, please welcome… from West… Virginia: Robert… Byrd! In this position, Senator Byrd will provide the Democratic Caucus with leadership and experience that has been gained from a lifetime of public service.
  • As Assistant Majority Leader, please welcome… from Illinois: Dick… Durbin! As Assistant Majority Leader, Durbin will serve as the Majority Leader's key aide on the floor and off the floor as he helps lead the Democrats' fight to protect America and help working families get where they need to be.
  • Coming to you from New York as Vice Chair of the Conference: Charles… Schumer! Besides being the 3rd ranking member of the Democratic leadership, Mr. Schumer will oversee strategy and policy designed to keep and build support for Democratic values.
  • From the state of Washington please welcome as your Secretary of the Conference: Patty… Murray! As Secretary of the Conference, Ms. Murray will help shape and set the Democratic agenda.
  • Coming to you once again from the state of New York, please welcome Charles Schumer as the Campaign Committee Chairman. Even though he is already the Vice Chair of the Conference, Mr. Schumer is once again serving as Chairman of the Democratic Senatorial Campaign Committee (DSCC). Considering how good he is at fundraising it should be no surprise that he’s decided to take another term in this position.
  • In the position of Chairman of Policy Committee,please welcome, from North… Dakota: Byron… Dorgan! In this position, Mr. Dorgan will continue to provide strong leadership at the Democratic Policy Committee (DPC). The DPC under Dorgan, conducted aggressive Congressional oversight and created some innovative policy ideas.
  • From the state of Michigan, please welcome… as your Chair of Steering and Outreach Committee: Debbie… Stabenow! Ms. Stabenow will engage Democratic Senators and community leaders across the country in an active dialogue about the pressing issues facing our nation and our party.
  • From the state of New Mexico (wait a minute… there’s a New Mexico???), please welcome as the Chairman of Committee Outreach… Jeff… Bingaman! In this position, Mr. Bingaman will harness the Committee Chairs' tremendous knowledge and experience, and “ensure their important committee work is advanced in a united and consistent manner.”
  • From New York… please welcome your new Vice Chair of Committee Outreach: Hillary… Clinton! In this position, Ms. Clinton will work (closely) with Senator Bingaman in efforts to help coordinate the committee work of the Democratic Caucus.
  • From Bill Clinton’s home state of Arkanas, put your hands together for the Chair of Rural Outreach: Blanche… Lincoln! In a position that was created in the last Congress as a sign of the Dems' commitment to engage and communicate with rural Americans, Ms. Lincoln will continue to guide rural outreach for the Caucus and look for new ways to reach rural, suburban and exurban American communities.
  • From the big ol’ state of California, please welcome the new Chief Deputy Whip: Barbara… Boxer! As Chief Deputy Whip, Ms. Boxer will be responsible for managing and implementing Caucus efforts on the Senator floor as well as working as the “right hand” of the Democratic Leader and Assistant Democratic Leader, she will play a key role in the articulation, advancment and achievment of the Democratic Caucus’ main objectives.
  • And as your Deputy Whips: Bill Nelson from the voting problem state of Florida, Russ Feingold from the Cheese-head state of Wisconsin and, last but not least, from Delaware: Thomas Carper.

It’s beginning everyone... it’s beginning. Now, if only we could get the House to be this efficient in naming their leadership, we’d be good to go...

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