Tuesday, June 24, 2008

The Tuesday ‘BushWhack’ing

Another day closer to the weekend, thank God…

  • An adviser to Sen. McCain apologized (which it seems is all he ever does) yesterday after he said that a terrorist attack on the US would be a “big advantage” for McCain… (How can anyone be this stupid? Charlie Black has said incredibly stupid things before, but this is probably the worst. If he stays around until November, I would be very surprised…)
  • A political commercial “expert” told CNN that Sen. Obama’s decision to forego public financing is going to set the stage for him to create a “shock and awe” ad campaign…(God, I thought we had stricken those words from the American lexicon… what exactly a ‘shock & awe’ ad campaign actually consists of is anyone’s guess… but I think Obama would have cleaned McCain’s ad clock even if he DID accept public financing. McCain’s camp is, like McCain, rather stale. If they don’t pick-up on the significance of the intertubes, his campaign will fold like origami… stay tuned)
  • CNN is still surprised that race is going to play a role in this campaign
  • Obama is “no Bambi”? Seriously David Gergen, that’s the best you could do???
  • A new DOJ Inspector’s General report shows that high-ranking political appointees made moves that would allow them to “exert more control” over the DOJ’s prestigious hiring program, thus stocking it with “young conservatives in a five-year-long attempt to reshape the department’s ranks.” (Noooooo??? Reallllllyyy?? I never would have guessed… if you couldn’t detect the sarcasm in that statement, you need to see a doctor…)
  • Former House speaker Dennis Hastert “managed to visit seven nations and run up a tab of just over $20,000 in taxpayer-funded overseas trips” in the last 11 months in office... compare that to Sen. Dick Durbin (D-IL) who took taxpayer funded trips to the lowly tune of $827.16… the contrasts are incredible, yet not surprising, aren’t they?
  • Sen. Clinton wants help to absolve her political debt… (Honestly, this isn’t a new concept and has been done in the past by both parties. Why the outrage now shows just how narrow-minded and short-sighted some people can be…)
  • And have we mentioned? That there’s another republican falling in line with “President” Bush and Sen. McCain in trying to take credit for Sen. Jim Webbs’s 21st Century GI Bill? Like Bush and McCain, Sen. John Cornyn (r-TX) is now trying to take credit for its passage even though he VOTED AGAINST IT!! (Do these three think the troops don’t pay attention to what goes on here at home? All three of them have seen, and will continue to see, their numbers drop among veterans after spewing off about the bill only to suddenly praise it after it gets passed. Here’s some advice fellas; they ain’t fooled…)

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