Monday, June 23, 2008

The Monday “BushWhack’ing

Another start to another week… in the words of President Garfield the cat; ‘I hate Mondays’

  • Apparently the media just got word that race will play a factor in this year’s presidential campaign… as will flip-flopping… (that’s some mighty-fine reporting there everyone, you must have taxed your investigative skills uncovering these ‘shockers’)
  • Sen. Obama told supporters at a Florida fundraiser that republicans will “try to make you afraid of me”… (too bad he’s right… and too bad that they will succeed with some narrow-minded people)
  • Bob Barr is to the republicans in 2008, what Ralph Nader was to the Democrats in 2000… but you already knew that, didn’t you… apparently no one told the gop until recently…
  • New Mexico Governor Bill Richardson acted as a supporter should yesterday, attacking Sen. McCain’s support of offshore drilling, saying; “You can't drill your way out of the problem.” (This is precisely what Obama needs; supporters that hold office attacking McCain so Obama doesn’t have to do it by himself. I have a feeling this isn’t the last time we’ll hear from Richardson, nor anyone else like him. I would guess Sen. Clinton isn’t far behind in launching a salvo at McCain’s camp. Stay tuned…)
  • Congress has finally decided to focus on the current gas crisis and is turning its attention towards energy speculation. It seems some lawmakers are placing blame (rightfully so I think) on Wall Street traders for record oil and gasoline prices… (Great! Too bad they didn’t focus on that years ago when people first started calling attention to it…)
  • The US attorney scandal just won’t go away for the White House. Today, attorneys for the White House and Congress are going to court to argue whether the House Judiciary Committee can force White House Chief of Staff Josh Bolten and former Counsel Harriet Miers to testify about their roles in the scandal… (My question is; why wouldn’t they? Executive privilege shouldn’t be allowed in this circumstance, and if they have nothing to hide, they shouldn’t be scared; right???)
  • Former UN Ambassador John Bolton is spouting off again… complying with my call last week to ignore everything he says, I won’t be posting it here. Though I will say the man is a mental furball with a 1970’s porno mustache with a desperate need for attention…
  • Weekly Standard editor Bill Kristol said that “President” Bush is more likely to attack Iran if he thinks (can he do that?) Obama is going to win the election… well, that’s certainly a logical and approved reason to attack another country… (this isn’t the first time Kristol has spewed this from his mouth, and he’s previously said that he got it from someone within the Bush(whacked) Administration… if they do end of attacking Iran, Kristol and the aforementioned mental furball should be dragged – forcibly if needs be – in front of a Senate committee and asked what they knew and when they knew it…)
  • And have we mentioned? That McCain’s campaign violated a law and lied? As you pick yourself up from reading something so surprising (sarcasm alert!), consider this; not only did McCain violate McCain-Feingold by taking out a loan against his approved FEC financing… he then reneged on that financing and then his campaign spokesman lied about the loan's existence… (Um… where’s the outrage from the Fourth Estate? If this was Obama, the media would have been on it like it was another Brittany Spears head-shaving… but noooo, the free-ride that McCain has been enjoying since the presidential campaign began continues. My hope is that, eventually, someone in the msm will have the balls to dig into McCain’s past and discover that he’s much worse than a flip-flopper… but I’m not holding my breath)

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