Thursday, May 15, 2008

The Thursday ‘BushWhack’ing

Another day…

  • Former Senator, Vice-Presidential candidate, Presidential candidate John Edwards endorsed Sen. Obama last night. Most likely this will help divert some blue-collar voters to Obama (and thus eliminating the primary argument Sen. Clinton has against Obama’s campaign. So there goes another nail in the proverbial coffin of Clinton’s campaign)
  • Repeat after me; Attorney General John Edwards…
  • In support of my thought yesterday that Ms. Clinton is working to repair the Democratic party she helped fracture, she said during a round of interviews yesterday that it would be a “terrible mistake” for her supporters to vote for McCain over Obama. (if she’s really looking to help the party, she’ll continue saying that line at every opportunity. Stay tuned…)
  • “President” Bush is trying to help Sen. McCain and said today that Sen. Obama, along with other Democrats, is in favor of “appeasement” of terrorists… (naturally he has absolutely nothing to support that with other than his republican mentality) He further kissed ass when he reiterated the US' “unbreakable” alliance and said talking to Hamas is like talking to Nazis before WWII… (Um… okay)
  • Keith Olbermann teed off on “President” Bush again last night, saying; “[I]f you have any hopes that next January 20th will not be celebrated as a day of soul-wrenching, heart-felt Thanksgiving, because your faithless stewardship of this presidency will have finally come to a merciful end, this last piece of advice: When somebody asks you, sir, about Democrats who must now pull this country back from the abyss you have placed us at... When somebody asks you, sir, about the cooked books and faked threats you foisted on a sincere and frightened nation... When somebody asks you, sir, about your gallant, noble, self-abnegating sacrifice of your golf game so as to soothe the families of the war dead... This advice, Mr. Bush: Shut...the HELL...up!” (well said Keith. Too bad Bush is deaf to criticism… he’ll just smile his goofy smile and keep talking. Though that could have benefits as well… think about it; every time he says something that insults the good nature of people, Democrats somewhere get a donation… so perhaps it would be a good idea to have him keep talking. The more often he puts his foot into his mouth, the more money the Democrats get)
  • The Department of Homeland Security is training for the impending government transition. Which, truth be told, is a pretty smart idea. Before other country’s have had elections/government changes, terrorists have striked… so they’re training to stay ahead of the game. (Is it strange to think that a Bush(whacked) Administration department is ahead of the game? Who would have thunk it…)
  • California’s Supreme Court will rule today on same-sex marriage. If they rule in favor of the plaintiffs, it’s possible that California could become the second state that would allow gay and lesbian residents to marry. Stay tuned.
  • The gop is still quaking in their boots regarding their most-recent special election loss… (Good… and no slogan, no matter how good they think it is, is gonna do the trick)
  • And have we mentioned? That Sen. McCain’s definition of “middle class” is a little off? He’s spewing off that eliminating the Alternative Minimum Tax on gasoline would save “more than 25 million middle-class families more than $2,000 every year”… the problem with that (there are MANY problems with the plan, such as the fact the proposal could cost as much as $1.6 trillion over 10 years, but we’re only focusing on one now) is that McCain’s version of ‘middle class’ includes families that earn up to $200,000 per year. (Sometimes the republican stupidity is so thick, no amount of snark can do it justice and you just need to let it speak for itself. This is one of those times)

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