Thursday, May 01, 2008

McCain's Liability

While I beg for Democrats to unite and vote the ticket this November, a primary reason for my belief that we have an above average chance to win the White House this November is finally getting the recognition from the so-called MSM.

Sen. McCain’s greatest liability this November isn’t his age (though he is too old in my opinion), it isn’t his lack of understanding about economics (a gas tax holiday? Really, that's the best you and Clinton for that matter - can come up with?), it’s not his desire to see Iraq through, it's not his failure to see the food "crisis" (for lack of a better term) for what it is, and it isn’t his Bush-repeated healthcare plan...

It’s “President” Bush himself…

A new NBC News/Wall Street Journal poll shows that 43% of registered voters have major concerns about McCain because he’s too closely aligned with the Bush(whacked) Administration.

Now, McCain shouldn't feel too bad as Bush is, unfortunately, EVERYONE'S problem… but McCain has brought this on himself.

For the last 2 years McCain has been kissing (and hugging) up to Bush and his supporters in a ramp-up to the presidential race, and now, seeing the effects that strategy was having, he’s desperately trying to separate himself from Bush now… criticizing the federal response to hurricane Katrina and blaming the administration for it’s lack of leadership in Iraq are just the latest examples, but it’s too late… especially when you have Liberal and Grass Roots blogs keeping the image of McCain hugging Bush in everyone’s heads.

I believe McCain to be a hero for what he went through in Vietnam, but I don't trust him to have the proper judgment to deal with the war, soldiers care or foreign policy, but my question is how someone who went through such an experience subject another generation of fellow soldiers with his “stay the course” mantra?

As I’ve said before, I would have considered voting for the 2000 version of McCain, but this is not the same guy that was running in 2000.

(BTW, the same poll says 36% believe Sen. Clinton’s biggest problem is shifting her position on issues after realizing Liberals don’t support them and 34% say they are bothered by Sen. Obama’s “bitterness” issue – the weakest argument of the three in my opinion.

The same poll that found that voters think McCain is too close to Bush also reports that 73% of voters disapprove of Bush’s handling of the economy (no wonder when he continually maintains we’re only in a ‘slowdown’) and 81% believe the US is in a recession… a feeling shared by a majority on national and international economists… but let’s get back to the topic at hand – McBush, I mean; McCain

It’s no secret that the political landscape is skewed to the Democrats this cycle (much like it was in the 2006 mid-terms), and the gop is going to need a LOT of help to keep the White House.

Let’s all make sure that doesn’t happen. To help with that affect, here’s the picture I reference above…

Awwwwm, isn’t that sweet... and highly disturbing?


mkea said...

MCcain is going to win in a landslide! Bush was right about the surge and now we are winning in Iraq and that is what the AMerican poeple want victory not defeat. THe small number on the Sicko hate Bush lowlifes left are just that, a small number. The majority of the AMerican people love the USA and believe in God. THe sickos on the left are going to lose this one big time. We have a radical closet leftists running, Obama, that secretly hates the USA like his wife does and he is being exposed. Then there is Hillary who has a better chance to beat MCCain but is going to lose the primary. THis is great bec Soros backed Hillary previously and his betrayal of her for Obama with his 100s of millions that have built up Obama to where he is now is going to lead to one of the greatest landslides in AMrican presidential elections.Thank you SOroa. Bush might have one of the lowest supposed approval ratings in a long time except for Harry Truman as a war time president but now over 50 years later Truman is verified as one of the greatest war time leaders in US history. = Bush will be reconized in a similar fashion too.I lose laughing at the sicko hate Bush people when he won and will soon laugh again when MCcain wins. Ha ha ha......

Anonymous said...

United We Stand! Liberalism and terrorism will be defeated in the end. God Bless Bush/Cheney. 8 more years!! AMend the constitution. On to vicotry in Iraq and our troops are going to be there for decades to some. It is a great base to attack Iran from and they are the next one on the list! It is too bad that Mccain is not more like Bush! Liberlism is a menatal disorder.

Anonymous said...

George is that you?

I would try to debate your argument here mkea, but your grammar and spelling are so awful that I don’t think you have the ability of human thought.

I’ll let Kemp or Scott take this one… you obviously are drunk, stupid, or both.

It is George.

Anon, you are exactly the type of lemming that Kemp and Scott love to ridicule, so I'll leave them to you also.

mkea said...

In referance to George that is that you! You are one of the sicko libs that need couch treatment. Bush won ha ha ha ha And you know what we are going to win 8 more years in a landslide. You do not equal me in intelligence because liberals are mentally deranged in their views and understanding of the world situation. You are most likely a liberal elitist. There is no reasoning with mentally misled people like you. They are all sickos! I love it when we win elections. I laugh at the sicko left wing for days at my job. Oh sorry about the sic I was rushing and unlike you I do not rely on spell check when I proof read I just did not do it that time and also unlike you I really do not need it! You sir are obviously a deranged sicko liberal!