Monday, April 09, 2007

Remind me again… who cares more for the military?

We’ve heard it before… ‘Liberals don’t care about the military, the conservatives do.’

‘Democrats are out to undermine our military while republicans look to strengthen it…’

I have two words to say to that;



Ignoring the outrageous costs of this occupation war, this quagmire is also on the verge of decimating our military.

The AP is reporting that for the second time since the war began, the Army is sending large units back to Iraq without giving them the mandate year off at home, a move that shows just how thinly stretched our fighting forces have become.

As a general rule, the Army tries not to shorten troops' U.S. time, but this time they had.said a senior Army official, who requested anonymity because of the sensitivity of the issue. "Obviously right now the Army is stretched," the official said.

And the planning isn't getting any better…

While “President” Bush has stated that the escalation is working, defense officials and military leaders have been disagreeing over just how long it will take to determine if this buildup is working…

For instance, Major General William Caldwell, the military's chief spokesman in Iraq, has stated that commanders won't know until autumn, at the least, if the escalation worked and if the military could then begin to bring troop levels back down.

This came a day before Defense Secretary Robert “Don’t call me Donald” Gates told a congressional committee that he was disturbed to hear that comment, and he said commanders should be able to make the evaluation by summer…

How about we all get on the same page guys…

But I’m straying from the topic of this post.
Let’s face facts; Bush and his minions are not only sending sick and injured troops back to Iraq, but they’re also sending troops that haven't received the requisite leave. The damage being done to our armed forces (and ultimately to our national security) has a high probability of being felt for years and years to come… and it’s an at that is no more a show of support for the troops than vetoing the funding bill that Congress has given to him.

And yet he has the audacity to claim that Congressional Democrats (and all Democrats/Liberals in his eyes) don’t support the troops all the while ignoring the fact that has uncovered even more evidence that the military, in a desperate move to fill its ranks for “President” Bush’s escalation plans, are sending soldiers with “acute post-traumatic stress disorder, severe back injuries and other serious war wounds back to Iraq.”

Anyone with a brain could see the irony in that…but since we’re talking about George W. Bush… I doubt he ever will…

And that’s just sad…

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