Tuesday, April 17, 2007


Here’s something to alarm you.

KUSA-TV in Colorado has reported that Senator John Kerry (D-MA) has not completely ruled out another run at the presidency, even in the upcoming 2008 election.

You may all be alarmed…
Even though he took himself out of the 2008 race back in January, he told a book-signing crowd in Denver that he has not completely ruled out a future presidential bid.Said Kerry: “Could that change? It might. It may change over the years. It may change over months. I can't tell you, but I've said very clearly I don't consider myself out of it forever.”


When pressed about the 2008 presidential race specifically, Kerry responded that while it's unlikely he would jump into the fray now, he would consider it if the field changed or the “dynamics of the nation shifted.”

Aw crap…

This is not good news. The Democratic field is already over-saturated, and to add an also-ran who is a very polarizing figure in his own party would be a huge blow to the Democrat plan as a whole, even if he does have close to $5 million in cash in his presidential warchest.

Kerry had his shot… and he lost it. Now he should concentrate on fulfilling his Senatorial duties for the people of Massachusetts and allow someone else a turn.

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