Tuesday, January 09, 2007

Is Bush losing an Ally?

With his looming announcement of a troop “surge” (read: escalation) in Iraq, some people are starting to question if “President” Bush is losing one of his most stallwart ally’s for the Iraq War.

British Prime Minister Tony Blair seemed to be breaking away from Dubya’s concepts about the Iraq war and (finally) using his own mind when he announced earlier this week that Britain will not be sending more troops to Iraq, even if Bush pushes ahead with a ’surge’ (read: escalation) of U.S. troops.

(Should I be looking outside for flying pigs? Quick, someone call Hell and see if they’ve frozen over…)

The Prime Minister’s strategy is a gradual handing over to the Iraqi army… something that many others (Democrats and republicans here in the U.S.) have been pushing for for a long time.

Does this show a strain in Bush’s and Blair’s relationship? It certainly seems so… it also makes one wonder… is Blair finally starting to grow tired of his “friend and colleague” George? Has he seen enough bloodshed in Iraq and enough running in place by the Bush Administration in regards to Iraq that he’s gotten to the point that the only true and viable solution is to hand over responsibility to Iraq.

Who exactly does support a troop surge? Good question. The Dems don’t. Many republicans don’t. A lot of generals don’t. The American public doesn’t. Our troops don’t. The Iraqi people and government don’t. It’s enough to make you wonder if Dubya’s life (people in his circle are starting to leave rather quickly) is getting to a point where the only people that support and listen to him are Laura and his dog…

Well… at least his dog…

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